The Rock Is a Hands-On Dad

In addition to being a well-known actor and skilled professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” is a devoted and adoring father. From his Instagram postings and open conversations, one can easily tell that being a father occupies a special place in his heart and is one of the most beloved roles he plays in life. In raising his daughters, he prioritises being present, attentive, and actively participating in their upbringing. This includes accompanying them to school and taking them to soccer. In other words, he wants to be a hands-on parent.

Johnson is certainly setting an example for other fathers by prioritising his fatherly duties and encouraging them to do the same. He confesses that of all the roles men play in their daily hustle and grind of life, his favourite one of all is being a ’dad.’

Although he has always been known for his strength and tough exterior, he has a softer side which may surprise many. As a father who is secure in his masculinity, he embraces it in unexpected ways. He does not hesitate to have manicures, tea parties, and dress-up with his two youngest daughters. This proves that being a loving father is not at odds with traditional ideas of masculinity.

But the Rock was not a hands-on dad from the start. He was a rising star who spent many years of his first daughter’s childhood being consumed by the demands of his career. After missing out on his eldest daughter’s growing years, he was determined to make amends and vowed never to take on work that took him away from his family. The most crucial thing fathers can do for their children, according to the Rock, is to “simply be there.”

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Food for Thought: Nearly all modern dads aspire to be hands-on dads. What prevents you from being one?


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