Since 2006, the Centre for Fathering has been advocating for a meaningful beginning to the school year with Back to School with Dad. Back to School with Dad is an initiative organised by the Centre for Fathering, DADs for Life and MUMs for Life, in partnership with Families for Life and in support of Made for Families, which aims to encourage fathers to accompany their children to school on the first two days of a new school year, so as to reassure their children of their interest and involvement in their academic journey.

The Back to School with Dad Toolkit: Equipping Dads for the School Year Ahead

Our first objective is to provide fathers with a comprehensive “Back to School with Dad Toolkit.” This resource covers essential topics such as preparing a child for school, managing relationships, and fostering character development using the HI-FIVE acronym. Additionally, the toolkit offers practical daily conversation starters, facilitating meaningful discussions between fathers and their children about their school day experiences.

Download the toolkit below!

The Back to School with Dad postcards: Affirmation through Postcards or E-Cards

The second objective is to encourage fathers to affirm and motivate their children using “Back to School with Dad” postcards or e-cards. This year, we offer both physical and virtual cards for download. Fathers and mothers can personalize notes of affirmation and encouragement, sending them to their children’s mobile phones or placing them in lunchboxes or school bags. These resources aim to create positive and uplifting moments that contribute to a supportive home environment.

Download the virtual card below!

Back to School with Dad photos: Accompanying your child/children to school 

Lastly, we advocate for fathers to actively participate in the first two days of the school year by accompanying their children to school. To facilitate this, we are introducing the “Back to School with Dad” Instagram filter, allowing fathers to capture and share these moments digitally. Click this link from your phone to access the Instagram filter: Capture the magic of the first day of school with your child and turn it into an unforgettable tradition! Share your awesome back to school moments on Instagram using #DadsforLife_sg.  

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Step 1

Fill up the interactive form below. You will receive an email with the links to download the Back to School with Dad 2024 Toolkit and card.

Step 2

You can personalise your cards digitally with images and notes of affirmation and encouragement.

Step 3

Surprise your kids on their first day of school by sending the digital cards to their mobile phones or place the printed cards in their lunchboxes or school bags.