October to December 2019 Media Coverage

Oct 12, 2019 CNA938 Our Town, 12pm Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life Chairman, Richard Hoon, shares his thoughts on Volunteerism in Singapore with CNA938. Are people more willing to step forward now? Are charity boards seeing enough people wanting to volunteer with them? What can be done to attract more young people to volunteer? Oct 6, 2019 CNA938 … Read More

August & September 2019 Media Coverage

Today Online My struggles with taking paternity leave 11 August 2019 https://www.todayonline.com/commentary/my-struggles-taking-paternity-leave The Straits Times Forum Don’t stigmatise involved fathers by Bryan Tan, CEO, Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life 3 September 2019 https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/dont-stigmatise-involved-fathers Berita Harian 17 September 2019 The Centre for Fathering and Association for Malay Professionals Singapore (AMP), with support from Berita Harian, organised the 4th Annual … Read More

DADs for Life Turns 10

On November 19 ten years ago, Singapore’s very own fathering movement, DADs for Life, was launched on International Men’s Day. To commemorate the beginning of what has since grown into a national movement, over 100 fathers and children were mobilised to distribute “Toolkit Packs” for dads all over Singapore. The national fathering movement began with a vision by Mr Jason … Read More

A Tortoise and The Mountain Inspires Perseverance

Mr. Lim Soon Hock’s fifth charity book, A Tortoise and The Mountain, is based on his experience climbing Mount Fuji, hiking up Tiger Nest in Bhutan and trekking in the forest of Pahang in search of the rare Rafflesia plant. The allegory is also coloured in with lessons from over 20 years of military training, and nuggets of wisdom shared … Read More

Lionhearted DADs: 10 years of DADs for Life!

Ten years ago, 19th of November was a day to remember… Yes, it was International Men’s Day, but it was also when our lion city saw the beginning of its own Fathers’ movement, DADs for Life! On this day, more than 100 fathers and children were mobilized across the island to distribute “Toolkit Packs” for dads. Since then, Centre for … Read More

Cooking, Boating, Jamming with DAD at Malay Muslim Fathering Month

Since 2016, Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (DADs for Life) has encouraged active fathering among the Malay Muslim community, providing workshops for fathers to learn how to become a better dad and activities for dads to bond with their families. This year’s Malay Muslim Fathering Month, which was launched on September 1, engaged over 600 fathers and their families through various family … Read More

Family Enrichment Programmes Can Increase Productivity

With more women entering or re-entering the workforce it is changing Singapore’s family landscape with more dual-earner married couples. According to Singapore’s General Household Survey report, the proportion of dual-earner married couples increased from 47.15 in 2010 to 53.8% in 2015. These couples have an added dynamic to contend with: work-life conflict. In a study on employed married parents by … Read More

Swinging for Charity

In the game of golf, the trait that we players strive for above all is consistency. To achieve consistency, we tinker with our fundamentals of technique, rhythm and mental focus. There are obvious parallels with the journey of a dad, as we too are constantly required to work on our “fatherhood fundamentals”. Thus, we can appreciate how, for the past … Read More

Ask Questions That Help Your Children Feel

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is recognised as one of the keys to success – more important than IQ, many say. As a result, books and workshops on this subject have been selling like hot cakes. But, developing emotional intelligence is not rocket science, really. We were all born with it. The problem is that it got snuffed out along the … Read More

Fathering Leadership: Leadership We Want

Are leaders made or born? There may be a small percentage of leaders who may be born with individual traits which lend itself to leadership, but leadership itself can be learned, especially by committed individuals who display an interest in doing so.[1] An analysis of thousands of 360-degree reviews [2], women outscored men on 17 of the 19 capabilities that … Read More