Ask the Experts: Managing Depression and Suicide in Children

Ang Xinying, a psychologist at Counselling and Care Centre ( helps us understand about depression and suicide in children in this video series. Video #1: What is depression? Video #2: Factors leading to depression Video #3: Signs of depression in children Video #4: Supporting depressed children Video #5: Detecting suicidal ideation in children Video #6: […]

Jul to Sep 2022 Media Coverage

JULY Date Media Title / Synopsis 24 Jul Straits Times Parents get involved in school to have greater bonding with their children Mr Ganesan, who is also a volunteer with the Centre for Fathering, said when fathers are involved at school, it enriches the relationship with their children. “More often, mothers are involved in […]

Ask the Experts: Managing Stress and Anxiety in Children

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another. But stress in children is of concern because they might not be able to tell someone about it or know how to manage it by themselves. Valerie Oh, Therapist at Counseling & Care Centre talks about how to manage your child’s stress and anxiety in this video […]

Dr Maliki shares ABCs of parenting at Bapa Sepanjang Hayat’s first education forum

Second Minister for Education, Dr Maliki Bin Osman, was the guest of honour during Bapa Sepanjang Hayat’s first education forum on Sunday 18 September 2022 at the Lifelong Learning Institute. He shared his takeaways from his parenting journey of over 20 years – the ABCs of parenting. Dr Maliki’s children two children are 24 and […]

A Dad’s Response to the White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development

By Bryan Tan, CEO, Centre for Fathering, MUMs for Life and DADs for Life, father to 4 children The White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development, which arose from a year-long conversation on women development in Singapore, surfaced recommendations for 25 action plans to better look after the interests of women. As a father to three […]

Anand Lal strives to make Singapore more inclusive for special needs son

Father to a fifteen year old son with intellectual disabilities, apraxia and dyspraxia. Anand Lal is a swim coach, adult training facilitator and gamification consultant who has overcome the challenges of bringing up a child with special needs to champion the cause of making Singapore a more inclusive society. Despite minor development delays in the […]

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah overcomes effects of lonely childhood to become loving father

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah’s experience as a neglected foster child did not prepare him well for the challenges of fatherhood. In his growing up years, Jamal experienced a lonely childhood lacking in love and trust where his adoptive parents favoured their two biological children who were born after they adopted him. These experiences led him to […]