How To Stop Worrying?

Do you worry a lot and can’t seem to stop yourself? In this video, I will share with you the main reasons we worry and how we can get our worries under greater control. What is worry? We worry because the future is uncertain, and we fear losing control. But are we? Worrying can give […]

Less Stress, More Bonding

Father and son playing in the park at the sunset time. people having fun on the field. concept of friendly family and of summer vacation. father throwing his son in the air. You’ve had a hard day at work and are feeling stressed. You come home and try to spend some quality time with your […]

Stop Saying, “Be Careful!”

“Be careful!” Kids hear that from their parents a lot. How useful is it? Not very, actually. First of all, it does not teach the child to be careful. Rather, it only teaches them to be afraid. It gives them the sense that the world is full of danger and that bad things happen when […]

Who Are The Happiest Children In The World?

In 2013, Dutch children were named the happiest kids in the world by UNICEF. A few years before that, the Netherlands was named a prime example of childhood prosperity. In contrast, the U.K. and the U.S. ranked in the two lowest positions. When I read this, I wondered what the secret was. Stay tuned, and […]

Why Kids Should Play Outside?

Let’s talk about play and here are five crucial ways playing outside can help your child: Sunshine. Yes, sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. But it turns out that our bodies need the sun. We need sunlight to make vitamin D, which plays a crucial role in bone development. Sun exposure also […]

Benefits of Free Play

Would you let your five-year old run an errand like going to the grocery store alone? Or do you think children at this age are not ready to be this independent. A few years ago, Mediacorp ran a Singaporean version of the Japanese hit series Old Enough! The series featured 20 preschoolers, aged two to […]

How Mark Twain’s Father Became Smarter

Teenagers are known to be very opinionated and argumentative. They seem to believe that they know everything and that their parents are unintelligent. That was how 14-year-old Mark Twain felt about his father. Seven short years later, he was impressed at how much his father had learned. In reality, it wasn’t the father who had […]

Helping Teens Make Wise Decisions

During adolescence, children begin thinking about what they want to do when they go out on their own. They compare themselves to ideals, and they explore different careers. They also begin to make different life choices than they see their parents making. At this time, it’s healthy for them to set important goals for the […]

When Your Teen Has A Different Opinion

How often do you have arguments with your teen? Do they usually become intense and end abruptly in anger? Do you wish that your conversations could be calmer and more civil? If you do, here’s what you must do. It is reasonable to expect that every person will have their own perspective on something, and […]

Xander Ong On Taking CFF Forward

On 1 October 2023, Xander Ong will take over as CEO of Centre for Fathering. Get to know Xander in this article.  Xander Ong and his wife have a son who was born in early 2023.    Not one to shy away from going deep into his own personal perspective of fatherhood, Xander shares his own experience of his […]