Organised by the Centre for Fathering (CFF), DADs for Life and MUMs for Life, the Great Companies for Dads Awards is Singapore’s first award to recognise outstanding organisations with policies and practices that support fathers and help them thrive at home as they do at the workplace. It is organised in partnership with Families for Life and in support of Made For Families. Into its second edition this year, the awards was launched in 2021 by President Halimah and recipients were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstration of innovative policies on parental and paternity leave that go beyond stipulated legislation;
  • Demonstration of policies benefitting Dads such as shared parenting initiatives, flexible work arrangements and Dads support networks and resources; and
  • Adoption of Centre for Fathering, DADs for Life and Families for Life initiatives and programmes such as Eat With Your Family Day and parenting workshops.

Great Companies for Dads Awards 2021

Great Companies for Dads Awards 2023