DADs for Life Father Groups

Father groups play a significant role in a father’s life by empowering men to embrace active and engaged fatherhood. These groups provide a space where fathers can come together to share experiences and challenges while allowing them to build friendships with others who understand the unique joys and difficulties of being a father. Since 2016, Centre for Fathering has formed over 130 father groups in schools, communities and organisations!

In June 2023, DADs for Life formed its first-ever constituency-based father group in Kebun Baru. Launched by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mr Henry Kwek, Advisor to Kebun Baru GROs at the Kebun Baru Family Day 2023, the Kebun Baru DADs for Life group will be organising many fathers-child bonding activities.

The DADs for Life father groups run many father-child activities such as football, bowling, cooking as well as programmes such as Breakfast with Dad and Father-Child Experiential Workshop.

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MUMs for Life Mother Groups

MUMs for Life mother groups provide a safe space where mums can share their challenges, experiences and feelings with others who can relate and offer empathy and support. These groups foster a sense of camaraderie among mothers. By connecting with other moms, women can build friendships and create a strong support network while focusing on personal growth and self-discovery. Since 2021, MUMs for Life has established over 30 mother groups in the community.

In July 2023, MUMs for Life established Mums Group Ambassadors at PCF Sparkletot Preschool at Jalan Kayu Division, which allows mothers in the pre-schools to participate in MUMs for Life programmes and activities as well as receive community support. Thank you, Ms Ng Ling Ling, Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Jalan Kayu division of Ang Mo Kio GRC, for your support and participation at the launch of MUMs for Life Group Ambassadors, PCF Sparkletot Preschool at Jalan Kayu Division.

The mother groups often gather for such as park gatherings, Mum’s Adventure and craft sessions!

For more information on starting or joining a mother group, contact