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We always encourage our kids to try and discourage them from quitting. But sometimes, quitting may not be such a bad thing. Have a conversation with your child to set guidelines and markers to help them decide should the need arise.

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The tale of parents spending time, effort and money attempting to nurture their kids into the next prodigy, is a familiar one. But what if the child decides to drop out of a sport or team, stop art or music lessons halfway through? With the huge sunk costs, stopping is often never the first option that comes to mind. Yet, taking stock and reviewing options could turn out to be a wiser move for the kids in the long run.

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Never give up. Thatโ€™s what most parents tell their kids. Trying is more important than winning and having the discipline to pursue a task, no matter how difficult, is what builds resilience. 

But sometimes, there is a need to take stock and listen to our kids and what theyโ€™re feeling. With the right approach, stopping and quitting may actually turn out to be the wiser choice in the long run.

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Today is Eat With Your Family Day!

Make it a day of celebration by dining out!

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Here is another thought that eating out can be beneficial!

What do you think?

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Conventional wisdom has it that cooking at home is preferred over eating out. It is less expensive and usually healthier than a meal outside. Is that always true?

Well, it turns out that eating out can be beneficial too.

Here is a thought. What do you think?

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Parents sometimes struggle with establishing limits for their children. The reason for this is because the word โ€˜boundaryโ€™ is often associated with negativity. They believe that establishing strict boundaries for children involves disregarding their feelings and ideas. 

However, this is not the case, and in fact it is the responsibility of parents to create a secure and stable environment for their kids so they can be heard and encouraged to develop self-awareness, patience, empathy, and more.

So have a conversation with your children about boundaries with the following conversation starter suggestion.

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Setting boundaries with your child is important as it teach children self-discipline, safety and coping skills. 

So how does one establish boundaries? Here are some tips.

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Kids testing limits is simply second nature to them. In fact, pushing boundaries and asserting their individuality is an important part of growing up and becoming more independent, and one day, thinking and fending for themselves. 

As a parent, your role is to guide your kids on how to test their limits respectfully, without being angry or defiant, and to recognise that ultimately, you, the parent, calls the shots.

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Embracing vulnerability can be a struggle as we want to be seen as tough, resilient and independent.

However, vulnerability is a necessity to thriving relationships and can be incredibly rewarding.

So practice by self-talking and hereโ€™s a question to start things off.

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Being vulnerable is part & parcel of parenthood.

Research shows that when parents show vulnerability, it leads to a stronger trust and a deeper connection with our children. 

So how does one demonstrate vulnerability? Here are some suggestions.

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Everyday situations provide an opportunity for us to develop our kids' emotional intelligence. Knowing the importance of discussing both happy and negative emotions is a component of emotional intelligence.

We achieve this by being vulnerable in front of our kids, which strengthens their trust in us and helps develop a stronger bond with them.

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