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Today is Eat With Your Family Day!

A time of togetherness.

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Food is a universal language. It never fails to bring back happy memories and new ones are often forged around it! 

Memories of childhood holidays or of those who are no longer with us are invariably poignant and unforgettable. One of the most effective ways to evoke such memories is through the senses โ€“ in this case, taste and smell; best brought out through the dishes we serve.

So what would your favourite food from childhood be?

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Whether itโ€™s a simple Sunday family roast or a special holiday get-together, food has always played a central role in connecting family. Food traditions, big or small, reinforce family identities, provide occasions to reconnect and help strengthen inter-generation bonds.

What is your favourite food tradition?

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Your child is not being lazy if they put off doing something. Although their propensity to wait until the last minute to complete their tasks may make you suspect  their motivation levels, procrastination is frequently a sign of other underlying problems. The primary reasons are a need for control, high anxiety levels and a lack of organisational abilities. 

Consider starting a discussion with the recommended question below. It could be useful for you and your kid to comprehend and ultimately eliminate the problem of procrastination.

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Everybody delays doing something occasionally. We procrastinate on tasks because we are overloaded with other obligations or because we do not have a desire to complete them. Putting things off, big or small, is in fact, a trait shared by many. 

Hence, one should avoid becoming overly concerned with procrastination. Rather than being hard on yourself or your kids because tasks canโ€™t be completed, think about the solutions around how to make things work instead.

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Children, especially teens, often procrastinate because they donโ€™t see how homework is relevant or important to them, donโ€™t understand the materials or just donโ€™t know how to get started. When you break it down, procrastination is a combination of a lack of motivation, confidence and issues around comprehension. 

As a parent, seeing your child struggle to complete his or her homework and assignments can be frustrating so here are some tips to help your child stop procrastinating.

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Dear Dads, Happy Labour Day! 

Today, we're celebrating all the hardworking parents out there who are raising the next generation of leaders with love, dedication, and endless patience. 

Cheers to you, and may your day be filled with precious moments of family bonding!

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To all our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! May this joyous occasion bring you and your loved ones joy, peace, and health! 

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From All of Us at Centre for Fathering, DADs for Life and MUMs for Life, we wish you and your family a Happy Easter. May this Easter fill your home with love and joy!

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Often overlooked, self-compassion actually contributes to emotional well-being, helps overcome anxieties and cultivate stronger relationships. Itโ€™s an ability beneficial for us and our children to have. 

If being compassionate to yourself feels unfamiliar, consider the following question for reflection. 

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Often seen as a weakness or a reason for kids to lose discipline, self-compassion is actually often misunderstood. Research has shown that it is really an effective coping mechnism for difficult situations like a divorce or trauma. It gives us strength, keeps us motivated and supports our relationships. 

Self-compassion has spillover effects to those around us too. It alleviates the stresses of parenting and impacts children positively by reducing levels of anxiety and depression. By exemplifying ourselves as role models, we help our kids do better in life.

Here are steps you can take to build self-compassion.

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Parenting is a journey. A long and often arduous one. Many things can and do go wrong. Challenges abound and patience often gets tested. Kids will misbehave and drive you up the wall. We look around and feel lousy about ourselves when others are faring much better. Is there no joy in parenting you wonder?

Stop. Being a perfectionist is the surest way to fall flat. Manage your own expectations. Make room for deviations and learn to embrace imperfections. Above all, enjoy the journey for it is not the outcome that matters, but the experiences and values within.

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