Being an involved father is certainly not an easy task today, because a father plays many roles in the lives of his children and family. These roles comprise provider, protector, playmate, comforter, cheerleader, counsellor and coach. Highlighting the “Roles of a Father” during this COVID-19 season, Celebrating Fathers 2021 encourages Mums and children to appreciate Dads as they juggle multiple roles, so as to be the best for their families.

This pandemic has given fathers more time and opportunities to be involved with their families due to work from home measures and their children’s home-based learning. As such, fathers could do with more encouragement from those around them, so that they remain inspired to overcome the difficulties of juggling these multiple roles. This year’s campaign aims to encourage fathers to persevere in these challenging times and thrive in these different roles, so they can experience the positive and meaningful impact their efforts have on their children and family.

Initiated in 2016, the Celebrating Fathers campaign seeks to raise awareness of the importance of active fatherhood with a line-up of exciting activities to celebrate Father’s Day every year. The Celebrating Fathers campaign is jointly organised by Centre for Fathering, MUMs for Life, DADs for Life, Families for Life and Mediacorp, in support of the Made For Families initiative.

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