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Bryan Tan restores family relationships after almost walking out

Bryan Tan, CEO of Centre for Fathering is father to four children aged 1 to 12 years old. From not wanting to have children, to being an absent father and then an involved father of his children, what brought about this change of heart? Bryan spent his growing up years living under the shadow of […]

Anand Lal strives to make Singapore more inclusive for special needs son

Father to a fifteen year old son with intellectual disabilities, apraxia and dyspraxia. Anand Lal is a swim coach, adult training facilitator and gamification consultant who has overcome the challenges of bringing up a child with special needs to champion the cause of making Singapore a more inclusive society. Despite minor development delays in the […]

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah overcomes effects of lonely childhood to become loving father

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah’s experience as a neglected foster child did not prepare him well for the challenges of fatherhood. In his growing up years, Jamal experienced a lonely childhood lacking in love and trust where his adoptive parents favoured their two biological children who were born after they adopted him. These experiences led him to […]

Bruce Mathieu gives up drugs to to give his daughter happiness

A repeat drug offender and gang member, Bruce Mathieu spent the prime of his life in and out of prison. And by his fifth prison sentence, Bruce had become a husband and father. The turning point came when Bruce’s daughter came by to celebrate her fourth birthday with him. Her birthday wish was simple – […]

Frankie and Tina Tan: A pillar of support for each other

On the occasion of Celebrating Fathers 2019, Dr Frankie Tan and his wife shared with us how they support each other as Dad and Mum. Marriage and parenting are priorities for Dr Frankie Tan, who is the Director of the Sport Science Medicine Centre, Singapore Sport Institute and his homemaker wife, Tina. As staying home […]

Conversation with Our Patron, Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

As Centre for Fathering-Dads for Life enters a season of celebrating fathers from every generation, it is fitting that we would enter Parliament House to interview our Patron, Speaker of Parliament Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, who became our Patron in January 2018. After all, within these halls of power, Singapore’s founding fathers set the foundation and […]

Yusof and Asnawi: We’re a Team

When he is in Singapore, family time is precious for Mr Mohammad Yusof Suleiman (36), his wife Mdm Norinda Bachok (34), and their six children: Muhammad Asnawi (13), Nur Insyirah (12), 9-year-old twins Nur Huda and Nur Husna, and 3-year-old twins Nur Syakirah and Nur Syabirah. A Service Technician in the oil and gas industry […]

Meet Yuen Chee Onn

Yuen Chee Onn is the Centre for Fathering-Dads for Life’s (CFF-DFL) Head of Engagement and Outreach.  He and his wife Eileen have a son, Daniel (28 years of age), two daughters Deborah (26), and Denise (25). For 20 years of his career life, he worked primarily in the banking industry.  At age 45, a heart […]

Eruandee and Nooraini – Partners in Life

Mr CP Eruandee Prayitna’s eyes light up at the mention of his family. A dad of three, Eruandee (43), better known as ‘Wan’, is Deputy Head of Engagement and Outreach at Centre for Fathering–Dads for Life (CFF-DFL). His work is to encourage active fathering in Singapore’s Malay-Muslim community. His wife, Kindergarten Teacher, Nooraini Bte Md […]

Bryan Tan – Invested Dad

Bryan Tan is the new CEO for Dads for Life and the Centre ror Fathering. The story of his evolution as a dad is an inspiration to all dads who want to grow their relationship with their children. Bryan Tan, a Senior Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, entered into early retirement from his full-time […]