A New Epidemic is Here. But There is a Cure.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is finally over (Phew), it is a good time to talk about a new epidemic that is affecting men in particular. 

The epidemic I am talking about is loneliness. It has largely been overlooked because men feel the need to appear strong and independent. Ignoring this ‘silent killer’ is no longer an option. Do you know that loneliness has a similar health impact as smoking 15 cigarettes a day? It increases your risk for cancer by 10%, your risk of stroke or coronary disease by 30%, your risk for dementia by 40%, and your risk of premature death from any cause by more than 50%.

You don’t have to have a PhD to figure out that the antidote to loneliness is making friends. This can be difficult for men as they are less sociable than women. At least, that’s what we have come to believe.

In her thirty years of research to find out how boys and girls socialise, Joyce Benenson found that men are as sociable as women. They just socialise differently from one another. Her research revealed that women often form very close friendships with a few persons, while men prefer to socialise in larger groups like a running club, fishing interest group, or an advocacy group. Some men choose to work out in a gym with friends. Others find that by attending a seminar or workshop, they get to meet other men with similar interests. Men can also benefit from having a mentor or coach. In conclusion, you don’t have to feel alone any more.

By Parcsen Loke, Family Life Coach, Centre for Fathering. If you wish to contact Parcsen, please make an appointment at: calendly.com/iamparcsen.

Food for Thought: Do you feel lonely in your fathering journey? Take this test to find out: https://psytests.org/ipl/uclaen.html