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Volunteering is a great way to teach your child about giving back to the community

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre For Fathering

Volunteering is a great way to teach your child about giving back to the community. Looking at the less fortunate people and your guidance of explaining to them why they need help will evoke a certain emotion and build a compassionate heart. It will also make your child more appreciative of what they have and being thankful for the abundance of luxuries in comparison to those in need.

Fathers need to step up to the platform first. Children who see their father participating in volunteer work is more likely to believe in the value of helping others. Working with your child will also foster deep conversations and bonding as you work as a team. Your attitude towards this volunteering act has an impact in your child’s view. If you seem bored while at it, your child will reflect volunteering as a boring activity, like wise your enthusiasm will spur their passion to get into the act. The most effective teaching is modeling.

As with most parental/educational pursuits, there are many factors to consider regarding volunteering with children, but a little effort can provide a lifetime of benefit for both the kids involved and for society. (

Reflection pointers for fathers to consider..

  1. Some times with the knowledge that there are others that have so much less than you that you realize how much you have.
  2. A compassionate heart and a willingness to help others is modeled after a likewise father.

Action pointers for fathers to connect…

  1. Take your child for a volunteer fund raising/work help program.
  2. Explain the needs of these people and why they need your help.
  3. While working, through conversation, learn the inner heart of your child.

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