WiseJourneys For Parents With Children From Birth To 36 Months Old

Shared parental experiences are a key component for learning. The WiseJourneys programme was created as a learning stream designed from research findings and tips by Temasek Foundation, in partnership with SEED Institute that aims to equip parents in a constructive and science-based manner.

3 different WiseJourneys programmes are available for free registration by parents and caregivers of children from birth to 36 months old. Each WiseJourneys group goes through 4 facilitated online sessions to learn parenting tips.

In WiseJourneys, you’ll experience the power of collective learning and problem-solving amongst parents and caregivers journeying together.

What you can expect:

• 4 Zoom sessions
• Conducted over 4 weeks
• Support groups

Each session will be guided by a WiseJourneys facilitator who will lead discussions and conversations on session-related topics as well as share how research-based tips can be applied in your day-to-day context.

So, get ready to turn those Zoom cameras and mics on for a super interactive, personalised and all-round fun time of hearing and learning from others, while reflecting and growing deeply as a parent or caregiver yourself.

For enquiries, contact us at friend-familiesforlife@msf.gov.sg.