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Your Child’s Meltdowns Don’t Have to Become Your Own

When my youngest child turned 4, we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel of the much-feared “terrible twos” tantrum stage. When children are still unable to express what they want, there may seem to be more moments of frustration than joy in parenting, especially when dealing with meltdowns. With my daughter, […]

Stop Asking, “How Was School Today?”

School offers children a wide range of experiences ranging educational to social. They are experiencing what it is like to be part of a larger group, to adapt to a new culture, to make friends, relate with adults, and to change and grow as individuals.  As parents, we want all these experiences for our children […]

Conflict Management

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has spread globally and affected millions of people all over the world. Many families are placed under great pressure due to everyone having to stay home in compliance with social distancing measures. Your family might be people whom you love the most but living in close proximity 24-7 can be an […]

Family Life of Parents with Special Needs Kids

Being the parents of 2 young ones, we understand that parenting, though it is both fulfilling and blissful, it naturally also comes with its own set of challenges as well as potentially exhausting all your energy available. We are indeed blessed to have great family support who play an integral part in helping us jump […]

Growing Together As A Strong Family

The pandemic has taught many of us a new lesson on adaptability & resilience as we went through a steep learning curve on living, working and even staying closely together with our family in the new norm. Both Jen and I agreed in unison that one of the most beautiful ‘rewards’ that have transpired from […]

How To Build A Long Lasting Marriage

It is true that it would never be a smooth ride throughout the Marriage journey and facing some obstacles is definitely inevitable! Nevertheless, despite the challenges, most parts of marriage life is wholesome, blissful and fulfilling but there are some important elements that must be present in order for the marriage to be an everlasting […]

Family Enrichment Programmes Can Increase Productivity

With more women entering or re-entering the workforce it is changing Singapore’s family landscape with more dual-earner married couples. According to Singapore’s General Household Survey report, the proportion of dual-earner married couples increased from 47.15 in 2010 to 53.8% in 2015. These couples have an added dynamic to contend with: work-life conflict. In a study […]

Ask Questions That Help Your Children Feel

Emotional intelligence (or EQ) is recognised as one of the keys to success – more important than IQ, many say. As a result, books and workshops on this subject have been selling like hot cakes. But, developing emotional intelligence is not rocket science, really. We were all born with it. The problem is that it […]

5 Ways Healing Your Emotional Neglect Makes You A Better Parent

Few things can make a difference in your parenting as much as healing your emotional neglect. It’s true! To explain why we must first take a look at your own parents. Emotional neglect (CEN) happens when your parents, even if they loved and cared about you, failed to validate your emotions enough while they were […]