Quality Time Ingredient #3: Leave Your Child Feeling Good

We are left with the third and last ingredient to Quality Time. Are you ready to find out what it is?

Charles Adams, who served as the United States ambassador to the United Kingdom under Abraham Lincoln. He was a very busy man, with the weight of the nation—even the whole world—on his shoulders. Many people were vying for his time and attention and so was his 8-year old son Henry Brooks.

Adams had promised to take his youngest son Brooks fishing. After a number of postponements, because daddy had important meetings to attend, it finally happened. That night, Adams wrote in his diary about the day: “Went fishing with my son, a day wasted.”  His son Brookes, however, had a very different sentiment. He saw it as “the most wonderful day of my life.” In fact, that day had such an impact on Brooks that he continued to talk and write about it for the next thirty years.

The story of Charles and Brooks Adams reminds us to never underestimate time spent with our child. What made it such a memorable day for Brooks was simply this: he was doing what he loves with the person he loves- his father. 

What does your child love doing? Go and do it together!

By Parcsen Loke, Family Life Coach, Centre for Fathering