How To Build A Long Lasting Marriage

It is true that it would never be a smooth ride throughout the Marriage journey and facing some obstacles is definitely inevitable! Nevertheless, despite the challenges, most parts of marriage life is wholesome, blissful and fulfilling but there are some important elements that must be present in order for the marriage to be an everlasting and enduring one. Let us share with you our thoughts and hope that it would help your marriages to glow brightly in times of dimness. ♥

The Secret To Building a Lasting Marriage

First and foremost, it goes without saying that to have an everlasting marriage, LOVE must be present! This element is the most important one as it determines the ‘timeline’ of the marriage. When there is love, it allows one to fully accept and embrace their other half’s imperfections. Not only that, love can sometimes do wonders and allow one to be more understanding and forgiving. As the saying goes ..forgive and forget..

Well, Everyone should have heard of this before, one’s better half is akin to a soulmate! Your better half is like your best friend where you can confide in them anything and be comfortable being yourself around them! It is important that the both of you can talk and discuss anything under the sky. After all, having good communication with your partner is essential to building up the relationship and helps to understand your other half better.

This is one of the TOP qualities that many would want in their life partner. All of us know that it is crucial that one’s better half must be understanding to their needs as well as emotions or else it would be challenging to live together throughout the whole lifetime. Especially in terms of difficult times, the better half needs to be even more tolerant and understanding during that period in order to ride over the turbulence!

To have an everlasting and peaceful marriage, Respect must be present. No doubt your better half has already seen your all and knows you inside out, it is still extremely important to maintain the level of respect. No one wants to feel like unwanted or taken for granted, so remember, next time when your better half helps you get a drink or cook a meal for you, how about saying some appreciative words like, “Thank you Dear” and giving him/her a big hug?

Well, you have believed and entrusted your whole lifetime to your other half from the day you said “I DO”, hence this faith and trust must be continued and Fullest Support must be given to your better half throughout the whole marriage. Always give your other half the benefit of doubt before giving them the ‘death penalty’!

In a marriage, it is crucial that a couple shares the same values and belief in life. This would them enable them to ‘steer the boat’ in the same direction and work towards a common goal.

Of course, sometimes it is not that simple as your better half might not share the same values in all matters. This is where you guys need to talk it out and see whether one of you can compromise or it is something that both of you can accept.

Remember, the key to having a long lasting marriage, both parties must be willing to put in the Time & Effort to continuously strengthen your relationship and never to take each other for granted.

Article contributed by Edmund & Jenny – Founders of Dating Moments Pte Ltd