Growing together as a strong family

The pandemic has taught many of us a new lesson on adaptability & resilience as we went through a steep learning curve on living, working and even staying closely together with our family in the new norm.

Both Jen and I agreed in unison that one of the most beautiful ‘rewards’ that have transpired from this learning curve would be the quality bonding times with the children and personal well being that definitely resulted in happy parents! 😊

These are no doubt the key building blocks of growing together as a strong family. Strong families emerge when both parents and children have a mutual growth experience, contributing not only to their family development but also stronger connection to the outside world.

Parents in strong families support each other’s development as individuals and as married couples.They are not completely engrossed in the lives of their children as they also put in effort to grow together as a couple. They provide a safe and secure environment for children to be themselves and learn who they are.

Experiential learning is the key element of a parenting journey and this is when children will build up the courage to explore their environment, try new things, and learn because they feel safe and loved. They can also better manage obstacles and failures because they know they can count on their family. As a result, their children are more confident, independent, and mature.

They treat their children with dignity and respect. Most importantly, they recognize their flaws, errors, as well as the importance of forgiveness. In different circumstances, a strong family is able to make joint divisions, communicate their feelings, exchange opinions and they do not let the power structure affect them. The way you communicate teaches them about effective communication. This involves keeping an eye on how you handle conflict and resolve issues with others. Your children will learn how to solve problems in a calm and polite manner from how you handle things.

According to research, parents who are isolated and have limited social ties are more likely to mistreat and/or neglect their children. Therefore, it is important to learn as a parent, and focusing on the ways we can grow together as a family.

We have highlighted some pointers that we wanted to share to all the parents out there:

1. Good Communication
Strong families are able to speak effectively about both the positive and negative aspects of their lives. When things are going well, you can celebrate together, and when things are going down, you can speak freely about your difficulties. This provides a safe environment for your child to express unpleasant emotions such as embarrassment, confusion, or humiliation. It also enhances family members’ bonds with one another. One tip is to have family meals as often as possible so that everyone can sit down and share about their day and what is going on with their lives. From there, deeper conversations can be initiated.

2. Managing Stress
Stress impacts sleep and the ability to concentrate and enjoy life. It is important to stop stress from getting in the way of your life and providing loving care for your child. Enjoy time with your child and celebrate what you like about being a parent can help with distraction and relieve stress. Bear in mind to take care of yourself and seek help when you need it.

3. Having a strong social network
Having a supportive group of friends helps us feel empowered, safe and confident. Connecting with people makes you feel less alone and allows you to try new things. Consider experiences and ideas your friends have shared, and how you can learn and grow from them. Focus on relationships where you feel respected and appreciated can help you and your family to grow together.

4. Deepening knowledge on Parenting Engagement
Keep learning about parenting and childhood development as your child grows can allow your family to be prepared for anything that comes your way. Knowing what to expect will make the job easier. Remember to respond in a positive way when your child misbehaves! You can also try out new parenting skills and tips with your wife for a bonding session to grow together.

Article contributed by Edmund – Founder of Dating Moments