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DADs for Life Conference 2024 | 终生为父会议 2024

DADs for Life Conference 2024             Notice to all registrants An email with the Conference details (ie date, time, zoom link) have been sent out to all registrants. If you have not received the email from engage@fathers.com.sg with the email header DADs for Life Conference 2024, please do contact us […]

[Postponed] DADs for Life Conference 2023 (Mandarin) 终生为父会议

Being a father is an honor and privilege to have. The role of fathers in the society is more crucial than ever before to provide stability and leadership in their respective families, especially during these uncertain times. At this year’s conference, titled f 75661, we desire to see fathers rise up to take their rightful place in the family, to be the Providers, Protectors and Leaders of their families; role models whom their children look up to and desire to follow.

Ask Questions To Help Your Child Think

Being able to talk to your kids is important at any age, and is best established when children are young, open, and impressionable. As your child goes through changes in life, like going from Primary to Secondary school, it is likely that they will have less time to spend with the family. This makes the […]

What New Fathers Face In The First Six Months Postpartum

What do Singaporean fathers do during the first six months of their child’s arrival? “Pay the bills, lah, mostly. (Laugh) That’s the largest part I have to play,” says one participant of a study by Dr Shorey Shefaly and her team of researchers from the National University of Singapore. Another shared that bathing the infant […]

A Memorable Weekend at Pulau Ubin

Group photo at Chek Jawa

Pulau Ubin is Singapore’s remaining hinterland, her last real kampong (‘village’ in Malay) and Singaporeans should rush to see it before it is pushed into oblivion by progress and development. That’s what a total of 24 fathers did with their children over two weekends in July. They had signed up for Centre For Fathering’s newest […]