Lessons Learnt from Home-Based Learning

Shawn Quek, school engagement manager for Centre for Fathering, shares his primary two son’s first home-based learning experience while working from home and useful lessons he learned. April 1st! It was an April Fool’s day like no other, because the first Home Based Learning (HBL) day was rolled out for all primary schools in Singapore. During the days before that, … Read More

DADs for Life Turns 10

On November 19 ten years ago, Singapore’s very own fathering movement, DADs for Life, was launched on International Men’s Day. To commemorate the beginning of what has since grown into a national movement, over 100 fathers and children were mobilised to distribute “Toolkit Packs” for dads all over Singapore. The national fathering movement began with a vision by Mr Jason … Read More

A Tortoise and The Mountain Inspires Perseverance

Mr. Lim Soon Hock’s fifth charity book, A Tortoise and The Mountain, is based on his experience climbing Mount Fuji, hiking up Tiger Nest in Bhutan and trekking in the forest of Pahang in search of the rare Rafflesia plant. The allegory is also coloured in with lessons from over 20 years of military training, and nuggets of wisdom shared … Read More

Lionhearted DADs: 10 years of DADs for Life!

Ten years ago, 19th of November was a day to remember… Yes, it was International Men’s Day, but it was also when our lion city saw the beginning of its own Fathers’ movement, DADs for Life! On this day, more than 100 fathers and children were mobilized across the island to distribute “Toolkit Packs” for dads. Since then, Centre for … Read More

Cooking, Boating, Jamming with DAD at Malay Muslim Fathering Month

Since 2016, Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (DADs for Life) has encouraged active fathering among the Malay Muslim community, providing workshops for fathers to learn how to become a better dad and activities for dads to bond with their families. This year’s Malay Muslim Fathering Month, which was launched on September 1, engaged over 600 fathers and their families through various family … Read More

Swinging for Charity

In the game of golf, the trait that we players strive for above all is consistency. To achieve consistency, we tinker with our fundamentals of technique, rhythm and mental focus. There are obvious parallels with the journey of a dad, as we too are constantly required to work on our “fatherhood fundamentals”. Thus, we can appreciate how, for the past … Read More

A Memorable Weekend at Pulau Ubin

Group photo at Chek Jawa

Pulau Ubin is Singapore’s remaining hinterland, her last real kampong (‘village’ in Malay) and Singaporeans should rush to see it before it is pushed into oblivion by progress and development. That’s what a total of 24 fathers did with their children over two weekends in July. They had signed up for Centre For Fathering’s newest programme called Campout With Dad … Read More

Deepening Outreach to the Indian Community

DADs for Life kicked off Appa Valnaal Uravu (AVU) to better engage the local Indian community early this year. Appa Valnaal Uravu, which translates to “Dads life-long relationship” aims to boost bonding between Indian fathers and children as well as families. Bonding over colours A group of dedicated volunteers from AVU organised Holi with Dad which gathered fifty Indian families … Read More

Families Bond through Prison Outreach

In 2018, DADs for Life engaged 120 incarcerated fathers and their families through equipping classes and outreach activities that were held in the Singapore prisons. These fathers were equipped through classes such as ICAN Fathering and Navigating the Teens Years workshops as well as father-child bonding activities during open visit sessions. During the visits, the incarcerated fathers and their families … Read More

Wives Appreciate Husbands – Sharing Kisses This Dad’s Day Out

Dad’s Day Out was celebrated differently on Father’s Day this year, with greater focus placed on Mums showing appreciation for Dads. Dad’s Day Out is the flagship event and culminating point of the yearly Celebrating Fathers movement’s month-long series of activities. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat and his wife graced the event, held at the … Read More