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Glean from a treasure trove of fathering tips from Centre for Fathering’s expert community! These have been designed as simple reflective practices that will guide you to being a better dad, and increase the wellbeing of your children and family.

Inspire A Love For Learning

Being a lifelong learner is essential because it fosters adaptability, enhances problem-solving skills, and promotes personal growth. In a rapidly changing world, continuous learning helps individuals stay relevant, remain open to new ideas, and lead more fulfilling lives by embracing knowledge and experiences throughout their lifetime. Fathers, like mothers, play a crucial role in inspiring […]

Scaffolding Your Parenting

Think of a scaffold outside a building. Do you know what it’s there for? Scaffolding in construction serves as a temporary structure to support workers and materials during building projects. Scaffolding is a concept that is very useful in parenting as well. Scaffolding in parenting refers to the process of providing temporary support and structure […]

It’s Good Enough To Be Good Enough

While every parent knows that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, we still unconsciously strive to be one. The pursuit of perfection makes them feel guilty, shameful, and inadequate. To be a good parent, you don’t have to be perfect. Being good enough is actually the best. My earlier statement that we […]

Are You A Helicopter Parent?

Helicopters are fascinating types of aircraft. It can take off and land vertically, move in any direction, or remain stationary in the air due to its design. As helicopters hover overhead, helicopter parents supervise every aspect of their child’s life. Are you a helicopter parent?  All helicopter parents share one characteristic: being overprotective. Some may […]

Are You Expecting Your Child To Be Perfect?

Is your child spending seemingly endless hours playing video games, which makes you wonder if he has a video game addiction. Even if he is addicted to video games, it is useful for you to understand what could have driven him to this point. Newly published research suggests that when parents have critical attitudes towards […]

How To Stop Worrying?

Do you worry a lot and can’t seem to stop yourself? In this video, I will share with you the main reasons we worry and how we can get our worries under greater control. What is worry? We worry because the future is uncertain, and we fear losing control. But are we? Worrying can give […]

Less Stress, More Bonding

Father and son playing in the park at the sunset time. people having fun on the field. concept of friendly family and of summer vacation. father throwing his son in the air. You’ve had a hard day at work and are feeling stressed. You come home and try to spend some quality time with your […]

Stop Saying, “Be Careful!”

“Be careful!” Kids hear that from their parents a lot. How useful is it? Not very, actually. First of all, it does not teach the child to be careful. Rather, it only teaches them to be afraid. It gives them the sense that the world is full of danger and that bad things happen when […]

Who Are The Happiest Children In The World?

In 2013, Dutch children were named the happiest kids in the world by UNICEF. A few years before that, the Netherlands was named a prime example of childhood prosperity. In contrast, the U.K. and the U.S. ranked in the two lowest positions. When I read this, I wondered what the secret was. Stay tuned, and […]