Apart from the programmes and workshops, we are also able to conduct talks on a range of topics related to marriage, family, and fathering. They are 1 hour in duration (45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A) and are suitable for events or lunchtime talks.

Hold on to Your Child (new in 2023)

Are you finding it hard to get your kids to listen to you?
Are you kids sharing less with you now than before?
Do you kids prefer spending time with their friends that with you?
Are you concerned that your influence over your kids is waning?
If any of the above describes you, this talk is for you.
This talk, based on the book “Hold on to Your Kids” by Gabor Mate M.D. and Gordon Neufeld Ph.D., explains what happens as kids grow older, why they gravitate towards their peers and away from their parents, how to prevent it (if it hasn’t happened to you yet) or how you can reconnect with your kids.
You will learn principles and practices that will enable you to reclaim your power to parent and be a lasting influence in your child’s life.
This talk will benefit parents regardless of the age of their children. It will be useful even if you are a parent of adult children.

Setting Rules and Boundaries like an Authoritative Parent (new in 2023)

Rules are a part of life. It keeps our behaviours and attitudes on track. It is one of parents’ primary role. How can parents set rules and boundaries that child will follow? By doing it the authoritative parent way. Learn how in this talk.

Father Awareness Talk: Bringing the importance of fathers to the forefront

Research tells us that the impact of fatherlessness has wide ranging effects on the children and society as a whole. This talk aims to inform both fathers and mothers of the importance of the role of fathers in the home and inspire fathers to play a more proactive role in raising their children.

Let’s Play

The opposite of play is not work, as we usually think it is. It is something more serious. This talk will give parents a better understanding about play – what it is and isn’t, and how important it is to a child’s development and well being, and for adults as well.

Lost in Transition: Motherhood & Self-worth (For Mums only)

Becoming a mother triggers a major decline in self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. Lost in Transition sets out to empower mums to redefine who they are beyond past experiences, cultural, social, and self-imposed expectations. It also gives mums an opportunity to broaden their understanding of matters that affect their sense of worth. We will identify some key influences and work on ways to renew our self-worth.

Mind-field: Navigating our Mental Maze (For Mums only)

Women overthink more than men do – a study has confirmed. Mind-field aims to help mums better navigate their thoughts which has an impact on their overall well-being and relationships. We will learn to recognize the common ways we fall into mind traps and equip ourselves with strategies to tackle these distortions.

Emotional Resilience: Regaining Control (For Mums only)

Mothers are able to influence the emotional climate at home. How we tend to deal with our feelings affects how we react to our children’s emotions. Through the T.E.A. process, we can learn how to be positive role models to our children by regaining better control over our emotional experiences.

Raising Courageous Children

It is natural for parents to be protective of their children. As mothers, this natural instinct kicks in even before the birth of our children. We have good reasons to want them to be safe. But how well are we preparing our children to live courageously in a tough reality? Find out how you can help grow their resilience to bravely face the challenges in life.



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