Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah overcomes effects of lonely childhood to become loving father

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah’s experience as a neglected foster child did not prepare him well for the challenges of fatherhood. In his growing up years, Jamal experienced a lonely childhood lacking in love and trust where his adoptive parents favoured their two biological children who were born after they adopted him.

These experiences led him to enact the same type of parenting style on his family. After beating his son in an effort to discipline his child, Jamal realised the consequences of his actions when his son tearfully asked his father if his death would finally satisfy him.

Remorseful, heartbroken and determined to mend his ways, Jamal’s decision to attend Centre For Fathering’s ICAN Fathering programme represented a turning point in his life. Jamal learnt critical parenting skills, and re-learnt constructive ways of displaying affection and communicating empathetically, to become a nurturing presence in his family’s life.

Today, Jamal’s efforts to become a more effective father has contributed to a rich and loving home life. Jamal now serves as an active parent volunteer in his children’s primary school, so that he can “give not only to [his own] child, but also to other children.”