17 JanuaryStraits Times LifeHands-On Dad, Happy Kids


14 FebruaryThe Straits TimesTrailblazing women breaking barriers to empower a new generation
17 FebruaryOur Better WorldBringing ‘Dad-dication’ to parenting
28 FebruaryCNA938 Weekend Life, 12pmEdwin Choy talks about CFF in the last 20 years and moving ahead.


MARCH 2021

05 MarchThe Straits Timeshttps://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/parenting-education/13-organisations-recognised-at-first-award-for-father-friendly
05 MarchCNA938 CNA’s Day, 8.10pmOur CEO, Bryan Tan, was interviewed on CFF’s 20th Anniversary and the Great Companies for Dads Awards.
05 MarchChannel 5 News Tonight, 9pmGreat Companies for Dads Awards
05 MarchChannel NewsAsia Singapore Tonight, 10pmGreat Companies for Dads Awards
06 MarchMoney FM Radio WeekendsInterview with Centre for Fathering and Kim Choo Kueh Chang on Great Companies for Dads Awards
09 MarchHuman Resource DirectorRevealed: Best companies for working dads
MarchThe Asian ParentSingapore’s First Great Companies For Dads Awards Recognises 13 Organisations For Innovative HR Policies



APRIL 2021

29 AprilThe Straits TimesEmployment and schooling key to helping vulnerable families build resilience: Panel


MAY 2021

MayFamilies for LifeThe fine art of juggling for dual career parents
03 MayLianhe ZaobaoRegretting her belated realisation that Motherhood was the best thing to have happened in her life, Sun Xueling calls on society to explore ways to help women balance career and family.
09 MayCNA938 Live – Our Town Sunday with Susan NgHow can Dads better support Mums and share the parenting load? Kevin Goh and wife Fannie Lim, who heads the charity Daughters of Tomorrow shares.
18 MayLianhe ZaobaoFinding myself while helping other mothers
20 MayRed Brick Mortgage AdvisoryRedbrick conversation with DADs for Life
Bryan Tan, CEO for the Centre for Fathering & DADs for Life shares how he balances work life with fatherhood, and how fatherhood and parenthood shift perspectives on definitions of success, alongside steps he has taken to strengthen the family unit.
30 MayLianhe ZaobaoWith mums supporting mums, mothers need not be alone in their journey and the support helps build confidence.


JUNE 2021

03 JuneThe Straits TimesBoth legislation and mindset shifts needed to counter toxic masculinity: IPS panel
Also on the panel were Ms Monica Baey, an advocate for sexual violence survivors who started a national discussion on sexual harassment after going public with her experience as a target of voyeurism as an undergraduate, and Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive of the Centre for Fathering and the Dads for Life movement. On the notion of toxic masculinity, Mr Tan said traits perceived as masculine, like strength, aggressiveness, stoicism and independence, resonate with many men, but he noted some men also struggle to live up to such expectations and may suffer in silence due to a lack of social support. “I have to confess that I couldn’t resonate with the term ‘toxic’, and I know this is true for many men, because what is described (as toxic) is so much a part of who we are as men,” he said. However, Mr Tan also said men should not trivialise the aspects of their masculinity that may be harmful to others, such as over-sexualising women.
12 JuneCNA938 Live – Our Town Saturday with Susan Ng, 12pm & 11pmRichard Hoon and Keith Magnus discusses CFF’s work in the past 20 years and plans moving ahead.
14 JunePower 98 – Breakfast Show with Mister Young & JacquiInterview with Bryan Tan on roles of fathers.
16 JuneCapital 958 LiveNorman Tan talks about Celebrating Fathers, Dads@School Forum and the roles of the fathers.
18 JuneFrontline – Channel 8, 8[mStay Home Fathers – Abraham Yeo
18 JuneWarna94.2 Warna Vista,  11amEruandee Prayitna talks about Celebrating Fathers and active fathering
18 JuneTodayA family that works together stays together
19 JuneHRD AsiaCEO reveals struggle with work-life harmony
19 JuneL’’Officiel Singapore

Sacrifices, Emotional Moments, and Family Drama: 3 Dads reflect on their biggest lessons

19 JuneThe Straits Times

Dads get more involved in parenting but still battle dad guilt, workplace bias

Hands-on fathering benefits not just children but also the whole family, says Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive for the Centre for Fathering (CFF), a charity that seeks to empower fathers. He also heads national movements Dads for Life and Mums for Life. Children with involved dads tend to be more socially and emotionally secure, do better in school and learn that parenting and raising kids is not just “women’s work”, he says. Couples who share responsibilities also have stronger marriages.

CFF chief Bryan Tan says “subtle workplace prejudice” makes it difficult for fathers who are seen to “take too much time off” to care for their children or elderly parents. This adds to their “mental load” in having to provide for the family yet wanting to be there for their children. Mr Bryan Tan hopes to see agencies such as CFF reinforced with resources to help men become active fathers and to set up more fathering groups in schools, of which there are more than 120 currently. “Every man and father in Singapore needs to know that on this journey of manhood and fatherhood, he will never walk alone,” he adds.

Parents today also face “new stressors and expectations”, such as being constantly tethered to devices while their children demand their attention, says Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, patron of CFF, Dads for Life and Mums for Life. He has two children aged 19 and 23. “They can tell when we are distracted even while we may be physically with them,” he says. “We compensate by sending them for classes, enrichment programmes, buying them toys… but what they want most is for us to be there with them, to love them and for them to feel assured and confident of who they are and where they stand. It gives them confidence and assurance, and there is less likelihood of them having to seek other things to fill up that void,” says Mr Tan, who is also Speaker of Parliament and an MP for Marine Parade GRC.

19 JuneCNA938Live – Our Town Saturday with Susan Ng, 12.10pm (AVU) / 12.35pm (BSH)

Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (BSH) volunteer Malek Hamid and Appa Valnaal Uravu (AVU) volunteer Alwin Suresh Paulraj talk about their fathering journeys.

20 JuneCNA938Live – Our Town Sunday with Susan Ng, 11.10am

Bryan Tan discusses Celebrating Fathers and the roles of Dads and Adriana Lim represents MUMs for Life to discuss how wives can support and appreciate Dads as they juggle multiple roles.

20 JuneBerita Harian

DADs for Life for the Malay Muslim community encourages active involvement in raising a child.

20 JuneThe Straits Times

Better outcomes for families when dads take paternity leave: Study
Fathering experts said it was important for men to be involved in the initial weeks in caring for their wives and newborn infants. Calling birth a rite of passage for men as well as women, Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive of the non-profit Centre For Fathering, noted: “Having dads involved from the very beginning… not only presents good benefits for mums and kids, dads will also feel greater satisfaction towards their role as a father and a husband. They grow into their roles as dads.”

21 JuneThe Straits Times

Dad, you’re the best – Open Communication key in son sharing about being bullied
Interview with CFF Volunteer Ganesan Maniam

28 JuneThe Straits Times

Challenges and silver linings in raising newborns amid pandemic

When Mr Bryan Tan’s fourth child was born in March, he was hit by the contrast with when his first three children – now aged 11, seven and five – were born. Then his family and friends would visit often and play with his children. Mr Tan, 45, chief executive at the Centre for Fathering and Dads for Life, said: “It was harder for the rest of our family and friends to celebrate the arrival of our newborn. We missed that community involvement.”

Mr Bryan Tan, a father of four and chief executive at the Centre for Fathering and Dads for Life, said: “It’s important to be gentle on ourselves, and not feel guilty or ashamed when we let the TV become the nanny.”



8 Aug  11.10amCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgMfL is a movement that encourages mothers to nurture and inspire one another in their mothering journey. Susan Ng speaks with 2 volunteers – Lily Kew, Founder of Kew Organics Facial bar and Yusnizan Bte Mohd Taib, core team member of SGFamilies – about how mums can be better supported.
28 Aug – 12.10pmCNA938Live – Our Town Sat with Susan NgEat with your family and make it a device-free meal! Have fun, catch up with one another, and of course indulge in your favourite food! Susan Ng chats with Yuen Chee Onn from Dads For Life and Andrew Yee from SUTD Singapore University of Technology & Design.
29 Aug – 11.10amCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgHaving a baby during the pandemic and coping with the challenges. The feelings of joy, isolation, stress. Adriana Lim Escaño, co-founder of MumsforLife.sg shares her story.



2 SeptYahoo
Eat With Your Family Day supports families in need amidst COVID-19
5 Sept – 11.10amBerita MediacorpCFF AMP Mental Wellness Parenting Seminar
25 SeptCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgHaving a baby during the pandemic and coping with the challenges. The feelings of joy, isolation, stress. Adriana Lim Escaño, co-founder of MumsforLife.sg shares her story.
29 SeptParentWise – parentwise.sgRaising siblings: How do I get my children to get along?



7 NovCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgSusan Ng chats with Parcsen Loke, Head of Programmes at Centre for Fathering and newly minted dad, Jonathan Lee on how new Dads can cope with their new roles.
14 NovCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgSusan Ng chats with Cheryl Ng, Head of Engagement and Outreach at MUMs for Life and Yam Wee Lee on multi-generational relationships during Covid.
15 Nov8 World本周五“与家人共餐日” 约百户家庭将线上参加家庭活动https://www.8world.com/singapore/eat-with-your-family-day-1646386
19 NovStraits TimesFamilies encouraged to dine together at home amid blurred boundaries due to WFHhttps://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/families-encouraged-to-dine-together-at-home-amid-blurred-boundaries-due-to-wfh
21 NovCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgSusan Ng chats with Alvina Ng, Family Life Educator at MUMs for Life and Anand Lal at Special Dads for Life on the importance of sibling relationships and how parents play an important role in building that bond.
23 NovLianhe ZaobaoRelaxed measures bring joy to larger families.https://www.zaobao.com.sg/news/singapore/story20211123-1216067



12 DecCNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan NgSusan Ng chats with Shawn Quek, Manager for Schools Engagement & Outreach at DADs for Life on why fathers should be involved in their child’s schooling journey.
12 DecBerita Mediacorp

15 pasangan bapa, anak sertai Detik Istimewa Bersama Ayah

12 Dec8 World双12结婚不忘慈善 新人办义走活动 现场结婚!https://www.8world.com/singapore/love-99-charity-walk-1671681
13 DecBerita HarianPresiden Halimah: Bapa yang cabar stereotaip, sokong wanita perlu diiktirafhttps://www.beritaharian.sg/setempat/presiden-halimah-bapa-yang-cabar-stereotaip-sokong-wanita-perlu-diiktiraf
25 DecCNA938Live – Weekend Life 11.20amSusan Ng chats with Bryan Tan on perspectives of Christmas and life in a pandemic from a Dads’ lens