MAY 2020

15 MayCNA938’s Family TiesBryan Tan, CEO, Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life will be speaking to CNA938 Money Mind  on his fathering journey and the challenges facing fathers.
24 MayCNA938’s Family TiesCNA938’s Family Ties spoke to Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (DADs for Life) volunteer Surafian to chat about how his family is celebrating Hari Raya and staying in touch during the COVID-19 season. Surafian is a father of two boys and two girls who are between five and 14 years old.


JUNE 2020

15 JuneChannel News AsiaCelebrating Fathers 2020 Goes Online
19 JuneCNA938 Morning Show, 8.10amInterview with Bryan Tan on role of fathers during the circuit breaker.
19 JuneCNA938 Singapore Today, 5.50pmInterview with Shawn Quek on dads working from home and juggling family responsibilities such as helping children with home-based learning.
19 JuneThe New PaperLeaders of the band: Dads bond with kids during circuit breaker
20 JuneYahoo News SingaporeBryan Tan, CEO of the Centre for Fathering, speaks to Yahoo about what it takes to be a good father as well as the major issues dads face today, including the COVID-19 pandemic.
20 JuneStraits TimesCOVID-19 has given fathers a chance to bond with kids fathers today: Dads today do not just want to be physically there for their kids, but also want to know how to be better fathers. This trend has been keeping family organisations like the Centre for Fathering, now in its 20th year, busy.

Its chief executive, Bryan Tan, has seen more hands-on papas participating in the non-profits’s fathering and father-child workshops. The centre is also behind DADs for Life, a national movement that organises initiatives such as Celebrating Fathers.

“I see more dads at the playgrounds and parks with their children today than when i was growing up. Many dads make the effort to accompany their children to school in the mornings,” Mr Tan says.

On how to better parent children: Be a role model for resilience: Be mindful not to pass your stress to your children, says Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive of the non-profit Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life movement. Communicate how you feel and “seize every teachable moment” to show them how to deal with setbacks. This helps kids learn resilience and perseverance.

Strengthen your marriage: A solid union makes children feel most secure, Mr Tan says. “The best gift a dad can give his children is to love their mother.”

21 JuneCNA938, Our Town on Weekend Life, 12pmWe continue our Father’s Day celebrations on Our Town and celebrate 20 years of empowering dads with Centre For Fathering/ Our Town on Weekend Life with Susan Ng interviews Bryan Tan on this Father’s Day special.
21 JuneMediacorp Channel 8 News, 6.30pm (26:33 onwards)David Ang, Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life volunteers share how fathers are celebrating Father’s Day amidst COVID-19 as well as about DADs for Life’s Father’s Day programmes.



04 AugustChannel NewsAsiaCNA Commentary: How do we raise sons who will never hit women?
11 AugustCGTNCoronavirus Pandemic: Lockdown measures give fathers opportunity to spend more quality time at home
16 AugustCNA938 Day with Eugene Loh, 8-9pmShawn Quek reflects on his journey teaching Chinese to his 8-year-old son.
30 AugustCNA938 Family Ties 11.10am to 12pmInterview on Eat With Your Family Day



04 SeptemberAsiaOneEat With Your Family Day Supports Greater Family Bonding Amidst COVID-19
04 SeptemberLittle Day OutEat With Your Family Day: Set Aside Time for A Meal
04 SeptemberYahoo NewsEat With Your Family Day Supports Greater Family Bonding Amidst COVID-19
08 SeptemberBerita Harian
08 SeptemberMoney FM89.3, Bern’s Bites, 12pm-1pmBeing a Father (Sep 7):
Transition public service to a non-profit organization (Sep 14):
Fathers getting involved (Sep 21):
Why Fathers need to have consistency? (Sep 28):
Why Fathers Need to be Aware? (Oct 5):



06 NovemberBerita Harian
Inmates celebrate Children’s Day via Zoom

“Therefore, we work with community partners to provide such relationships and at the same time provide support to these children,” said Dr Faishal.Yesterday, she participated in an online Children’s Day celebration organised by the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and the Centre for Fathering (CFF).During the celebration held through the Zoom container, the offenders involved read a storybook to their children before doing some game activities together.

The fathers have also given surprises to their children in the form of cards that have been produced from inside the prison.CFF Head of Engagement, Mr Eruandee Prayitna, said it was important for the relationship between father and children to be maintained.“Studies show that (children who do not have a relationship with their father) do not grow up very well.“Studies also show that the absence of a father will leave a dangerous impact on a child. This is called fatherlessness.“The fact that these kids grew up out there without their father, to us this is a dangerous sign … so together with SPS, we try our best to establish that relationship,” he said, who is the father of three children.

15 NovemberCNA938 Our Town Saturday 12pm and 11pmInterview with DFL volunteer Ganesan Maniam on Deepavali
NovemberThe Peak“Children can’t choose their fathers but fathers can choose to be great Dads!” – Keith Magnus, Vice Chairman, Centre for Fathering
22 NovemberOur Town CNA938 12pm and 11pm

Interview on Albert Lim on Grandparent’s Day



27 December

CNA938 Family Ties on Weekend Life 11am and 10pm

A Dad looks back at 2020 and gives himself a report card. Working from home, home based learning, being a husband, father, son …. how did Bryan Tan of do? 

29 December

Straits Times

Heading back to school with dad: Over 40,000 families to participate in father-child bonding