Parenting Tips For Navigating the Teen Years

By Centre for Fathering’s Resource Team Here are some tips to help you navigate the teen years. The transition from child to young adult is a crucial phase as this is when he picks up the skills and attitude to survive and thrive in the world outside the home. Like a farmer carefully tending a garden, you can create a conducive environment for … Read More

Navigating the Teen Years Workshop

By Centre for Fathering’s Resource Team On 12 January 2017, 16 dads and four mums gathered at the Centre for Fathering and Dads for Life (CFF) office in Toa Payoh, to attend this year’s first run of the Navigating the Teen Years Workshop. Conducted by Mr Edwin Choy, Therapist, Family Coach and Co-founder of CFF, the three-hour programme equips parents to … Read More

Bryan Tan – Invested Dad

By Centre for Fathering’s Resource Team Bryan Tan is the new CEO for Dads for Life and the Centre For Fathering. The story of his evolution as a dad is an inspiration to all dads who want to grow their relationship with their children. Bryan Tan, a Senior Officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, entered into early retirement from his … Read More

The Greatest Man – by Charles Ives

Thank you very much to everyone who joined us at our Appreciation Concert on 9 November! We were entertained by the talented students from the vocal department of  Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM). One of the pieces sung was “The Greatest Man” composed by Charles Ives, performed by YSTCM tenor student, Jongwoo Baek. Here, we share with you … Read More

I Don’t Want To Be a Father Anymore

By Gerald Chue, Centre for Fathering I came home to my 9-year-old daughter standing by the front door with a storybook in her hand. At least that was what I thought Natalie was holding on to at first glance. But on closer inspection, I noticed the words ‘Report Book’ printed on the cover. My heart screamed, passed out and woke … Read More

Fathers As Coach – A Useful Paradigm for Parenting Teens (9/9)

By Edwin Choy, Centre for Fathering Teenagers live in a state of ambivalence in their lives. Sometimes, teens feel like they are invincible “nothing is impossible”. At other times, they can feel absolutely hopeless “everything is impossible”. Fathers who have good relationships with their teenagers will need to coach them during such days. When your teens come to you for … Read More

Fathers As Coach – A Useful Paradigm for Parenting Teens (8/9)

By Edwin Choy, Centre for Fathering Today we shall focus on how we can use “solution talk” with our teens in a conflict. It is very common for teens to collide in their values with that of their parents. Last week we learnt that using problem talk in the form of blame and shame is not helpful. The good news … Read More

Fathers As Coach – A Useful Paradigm for Parenting Teens (7/9)

By Edwin Choy, Centre for Fathering Our next discussion will be on how fathers as coach can avoid problem talk and initiate solution talk with their teens. To begin let’s understand the ways we usually lapse into problem talk. Some words tend to be problematic in our conversation with teens. ‘You always’ is a phrase that will get us into … Read More