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Glean from a treasure trove of fathering tips from Centre for Fathering’s expert community! These have been designed as simple reflective practices that will guide you to being a better dad, and increase the wellbeing of your children and family.

Why Do Children Behave Badly?

Do your kids misbehave once in a while? Do you think that they will behave better if they wanted to? Dr Stuart Ablon and his team have discovered that kids do not behave well not because of a lack of willpower but because they can’t. To behave better, children need more skills, not will. Childhood […]

Parenting is Like a Video Game

Parents know how addictive video games can be. Kids, particularly boys, prefer to spend hours playing them than doing other more important tasks, like homework and exercise. Apart from the dopamine rush that kids experience while gaming, there is another aspect of video games that is not often talked about, and it is something parents […]

Don’t Set Rules; Set Values

Teaching children good behaviour is our duty as parents. The most common method parents use to achieve this is setting rules and punishing children when they break them. However, there is a different and better way of achieving this.  To teach children to behave well, setting rules is not the only way. Adam Grant, father […]

How Many Rules Do You Have?

Parents, I am going to give you five seconds to answer this simple questions: How many family rules do you have currently. 5, 4. 3. 2. 1. Time’s up. If you were not able to give me a number, then you most likely have too many.  Every parent knows the importance of having rules for […]

A New Epidemic is Here. But There is a Cure.

Now that the Covid-19 pandemic is finally over (Phew), it is a good time to talk about a new epidemic that is affecting men in particular.  The epidemic I am talking about is loneliness. It has largely been overlooked because men feel the need to appear strong and independent. Ignoring this ‘silent killer’ is no […]

Your Marriage is the Key to Good Parenting

Do you still remember how you and your partner met for the first time? Do you remember your first date and how you could not wait to see each other again after that? In time, there was the marriage proposal followed by the wedding. Eventually, the day came when you became mummy and daddy. One […]

Don’t Man Up. Do This Instead.

  The world has long admired stoic men who have an endless capacity to endure pain, sufferings and hardships in life without ever complaining or showing nerves. Can strong men like these be vulnerable at the same time? Or are strength and vulnerability so incompatible that they cannot co-exist in a man?  The question we […]

What is the Father’s Role in Children’s Education?

I have three children and none of them had tuition. That’s because I was their tutor for every subject (except Chinese, of course). Having been there and done that, I am now telling you – don’t do it. Your child does not need another teacher, she needs you to be her father.  The most important […]