was founded on the belief that an active and involved father is essential for a child’s successful development


Centre For Fathering has helped countless families through our programmes and workshops


helps to subsidise training, equipping and supporting men in their role as father, to strengthen families


ICAN Fathering Workshop

Discover your fathering style and strengths for greater fathering success and satisfaction

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Adventure Camp with Dad

Bond with your pre-teen through adventure-learning in this specially designed 1-day facilitated course

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Every child needs a dad they can count on.

The research is clear: children thrive with an involved father—someone who loves, knows, guides and helps them achieve their destiny. We inspire and equip men to be the fathers their children need.
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Fatherhood 101

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National Initiatives
150,000 Fathers Reached
Training Programmes
32000 Fathers Served
“The ICAN framework is so powerful that it stays with you throughout your life… it’s a lifelong tool that fathers can build upon to nurture their child.”Mr. Tio Chong Heng,
father of 2
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