Father’s Learning Journey

“The most important role a man can play in his lifetime is to be a father.” Lewis Yablonsky, author Fathers and Sons.

Fathers are the foundation of their children’s development. They play a crucial role in shaping their children’s values, attitudes, and character by being great role models for their children.

Fathers can learn new skills and engage in activities that help them grow emotionally and relationally. The learning does not stop as a father’s role and relationship with his children evolve and expands as the child grows.

Father’s Learning Journey provides fathers with the tools and resources they need to be the best fathers they can be.

Fathers can expect these five outcomes when they embark on the Father’s Learning Journey:

  • Fathers will experience a deeper, more meaningful connection with their children.
  • Fathers will gain increased confidence in their parenting abilities and reduce their parenting stress.
  • Fathers will build a supportive community of like-minded dads.
  • The father’s involvement will contribute to positive changes in overall family dynamics.
  • Fathers will experience personal growth and a sense of fulfilment in their role as parents.


    The Father’s Learning Journey comprises FOUR learning stations where they will be equipped with knowledge and skills to effectively hand specific aspects of fathering and fatherhood.


    Station #1: Brick by Brick: Building Your Child’s Independence at Every Age

    Is your child ready to take on more responsibility? Do you find yourself struggling to balance nurturing their dependence with fostering their independence?

    Join us and discover:

    * Age-appropriate milestones: Understand the developmental stages and skills your child needs at each age to thrive independently.
    * Confidence builders: Learn activities and exercises to boost your child’s self-esteem and encourage them to try new things.
    * Letting go (without losing control): Develop strategies to delegate tasks and responsibilities while providing the right level of support.
    * Problem-solving together: Foster your child’s critical thinking skills by guiding them through challenges and encouraging independent solutions.
    * Communication strategies: Master the art of effective communication to set clear expectations, provide encouragement, and offer constructive feedback.
    * Building resilience: Equip your child with coping mechanisms to handle setbacks and bounce back stronger.

    This workshop is ideal for fathers of children of all ages. Join us and build a foundation for a future where your child thrives as a confident and independent individual!

    Duration: 3 hrs

    Date & time: 20 April 2024, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

    Register today and take the first step towards building your child’s independence, brick by brick!

    Station #2: Unlocking Good Behavior: The Science of Child Discipline

    Ditch the power struggles and tantrums! This interactive workshop designed to empower you with effective, science-backed strategies for cultivating positive behavior in children.

    Uncover the secrets behind **brain development, emotional regulation, and effective communication** to help your child thrive. Learn tools to:

    * Understand the WHY behind your child’s behavior.
    * Set clear and positive expectations.
    * Encourage cooperation and build intrinsic motivation.
    * Effectively communicate and resolve conflict calmly.
    * Implement positive reinforcement and discipline techniques.
    * Build a foundation of trust, connection, and respect.

    This workshop is perfect for fathers of children of all ages.

    Join us and unlock the secret to a more peaceful and joyful parenting journey!

    Duration: 3 hrs

    Date & time: 11 May 2024, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

    Station #3. The Dad Equation: Navigating Work, Life, and Fatherhood

    Being a dad today is a demanding equation. Juggling the pressures of work, personal life, and raising emotionally and physically dependent children can feel overwhelming. This interactive workshop empowers fathers to solve for success in all three aspects, offering practical tools and strategies to:

    * Balance the Scales by prioritizing effectively
    * Communicate openly and honestly
    * Build meaningful connections:
    * Manage stress and find your center
    * Celebrate your successes

    This workshop is designed for fathers at all stages of their journey, providing a safe space to learn, share, and grow together. Leave equipped with actionable strategies, renewed enthusiasm, and a stronger sense of confidence in your ability to excel as a father, partner, and individual.

    Duration: 3 hrs

    Date & time: 13 July 2024, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

    Station #4:. Rooted & Rising: Cultivating Lifelong Connections with Your Children

    Raising children is a beautiful journey, but navigating the ever-changing dynamics can be challenging. This interactive workshop invites you to explore the art of nurturing strong, lasting connections with your children, from their early years to their independence.

    **Rooted:** Our session will begin by exploring the foundations of a secure and loving bond. We’ll delve into building trust, fostering effective communication, and understanding your child’s unique emotional needs at each stage of development.

    **Rising:** Together, we’ll discover strategies for supporting your child’s growth and independence while maintaining a close relationship. We’ll address topics like navigating challenging conversations, setting healthy boundaries, and encouraging positive self-esteem.

    This workshop is designed for fathers of children of all ages who desire to:

    * Strengthen their existing relationship with their children.
    * Build a foundation for lifelong connection.
    * Learn techniques for creating meaningful memories and shared experiences.
    * Have a renewed sense of confidence and joy in your parenting journey.
    * Foster a supportive and nurturing environment for their children to thrive.

    Join us for “Rooted & Rising” and embark on a journey towards building a lasting, loving connection with your child, one that will stand the test of time.

    Duration: 3 hrs

    Date & time: 17 Aug 2024, 1.30 – 4.30 pm

    Package Price

    The Package Price for the Father’s Learning Journey is $180 per dad.

    The package includes:
    1. free attendance of the workshops mentioned above;
    2. free membership of a WhatsApp community of fathers;
    2. unlimited access to a father-coach;
    3. complimentary access to one father-child programme (per child), subject to availability.

    Sign up TODAY and receive a 15% discount.

    1. There will be no refund once the learning journey has commenced.
    2. You are allowed to make up for only one of the workshops. You must attend that workshop within a period 12 months.


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