Families Bond through Prison Outreach

In 2018, DADs for Life engaged 120 incarcerated fathers and their families through equipping classes and outreach activities that were held in the Singapore prisons. These fathers were equipped through classes such as ICAN Fathering and Navigating the Teens Years workshops as well as father-child bonding activities during open visit sessions.

During the visits, the incarcerated fathers and their families engaged in activities such as cake decoration, writing words of commitment and affirmation as well as games. One special game for father-child was the ‘Blindfold’ game where the blindfolded children identified their fathers through the fathers’ voice shouting ‘I Love You’ and the children guided their blindfolded Dads through an obstacle course.

A father shared, “The blindfold obstacle course allowed me to see a different side of my daughter. The words she used to guide me along the way made me realise how fast she has grown up.” He added that the ‘Blindfold I Love You’ game was touching for him: “The minute my daughter recognised my voice shouting ‘I love you’ and started moving onto my arms, my tears started to drop. This made me realise how important I am in her life. From then, I realise that my daughter is an inseparable figure in my life.”

These activities during open visit sessions have proved invaluable to strengthening father-child bonding for the incarcerated fathers and their children. Another father said, “The activities were fun, enjoyable and engaging as they helped to increase communication level and build trust between me and my child.”