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Good Kids - How you and your kids can successfully navigate the teen years Good Kids – How You And Your Kids Can Successfully Navigate The Teen Years

by Dr Nick Stinnett and Dr Michael O’Donnell (S$10.00)

An inspirational guide based on real-life experiences, this book helps teens and their parents navigate these formative
years with confidence.

Achieving Success Without Failing Your Family - How 30 successfull families achieved family excellence Achieving Success Without Failing Your Family – How 30 Successful Families Achieved Family Excellence

by Dr Paul Faulkner (S$15.00)

With this book, you will learn the concept of intentional parenting; how to motivate your children; how to instill responsibility and the work ethic in your children… and much more. Content has biblical references made by author.

Buy The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers from Centre for Fathering. Call 67691238. The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers

by Dr Ken Canfield (S$24.10)

Solid scientific research and the wisdom of excellent experienced fathers clearly show the priorities. This book doesn’t overwhelm you with a hundred things you have to do. It gives you only seven things that you need to know and do. The important things.You can understand the secrets. You can do them. You can raise healthy, happy, good kids.

The Heart Of A Father – How Dads Can Shape The Destiny Of America

by Dr Ken Canfield (S$16.00)

Based on years of careful research involving thousands of dads, this book is a solid reference tool for dads. Canfield’s three-part blueprint addresses:

(1) A father’s past – A father should resolve his relationship with his own father in order to effectively build a relationship with his children;

(2) How to make a dad’s house a home – Canfield explains how to build the four “walls” or dimensions of fathering; and

(3) A plan for the future – From being a new father to being a grandfather, dads face challenges at each stage of their life.