Apart from the programmes and workshops, we are also able to conduct talks on a range of topics related to marriage, family, and fathering. They are 1 hour in duration (45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A) and are suitable for events or lunchtime talks.

Parenting As A Team (f.k.a. Shared Parenting)

Traditional parenting times were divided along gender lines. Mothers were the child carers while fathers were the breadwinners. Modern parenting however had changed. The roles are now more or less interchangeable. They are a team and must work as one. What can undermine this team? What must parents look out for? How can they strengthen the bond and understanding so that they can co-parent effectively?

Stages of Development

According to Erik Erikson, there are 8 developmental stages in life and every one of them counts. A knowledge of these stages will provide parents with a framework by which to calibrate their parenting methods and focus. It will help them understand the needs of their child based on their age and how to support their child’s emotional growth and development.

Parenting in a Digital Age

“At what age should children be given a mobile device?” That is one of the most common question parents ask. But is that the right question? Digital technology is here to stay. It is literally everywhere in our homes – not only the devices in our pockets but the invisible electromagnetic waves that flood our homes. There is no known way for us to insulate ourselves from it, so we might as well accept it. The key to managing technology well is to know the place it has in our homes and how to keep it there. We do not want our children to be fearful of technology but rather we hope that they will be tech-wise.

Quality Time: How to engage with your child effectively

Every parent wants to know how to spend quality time with their children because time is something they do not have a lot of. Quality time does not happen by chance. It is intentional. What are the 3 important things to know about quality time?

Read Aloud To Me

Reading aloud the children is one of the most common practices of parents. It has many benefits for the child, and best of all it is free and can be done any where and at any time. Learn how reading aloud can help in your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. Learn to make wise choices when selecting books and e-books for your young child. Learn to navigate the wild, west of apps by knowing what to look out for before downloading from the App Store or Google Play.

How to be an Authoritative Parent

Authoritative Parenting is the most recommended method of parenting which will not only benefit your child but also improve the parent-child relationship into adolescence. Learn the benefits of Authoritative Parenting and the 5 elements of becoming an Authoritative Parent.

Let’s Connect: How to connect at the emotional level with your child

Some times our children will say and do things that frustrate parents. What can parents do to remain calm and connect with their children at the emotional level. This skill is the foundation for conflict resolution and problem solving.

Let’s Chill

Children nowadays are under tremendous pressure to perform in many areas of their lives. The home is a sanctuary, a safe haven for the child. But, is it? This talk will help parents know how to reduce stress in their children and teach coping methods to their children.

Play: More than just fun

The opposite of play is not work, as we usually think it is. It is something more serious. This talk will give parents a better understand about play – what it is and isn’t, and how important it is to a child’s development and well being, and for adults as well.

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