Apart from the programmes and workshops, we are also able to conduct talks on a range of topics related to marriage, family, and fathering. They are 1 hour in duration (45-minute presentation with a 15-minute Q&A) and are suitable for events or lunchtime talks.

Stages of Development

According to Erik Erikson, there are 8 developmental stages in life and every one of them counts. A knowledge of these stages will provide parents with a framework by which to calibrate their parenting methods and focus. It will help them understand the needs of their child based on their age and how to support their child’s emotional growth and development.

Parenting As A Team

Any man and woman together can produce a child. But more it takes a mother and a father to work as a team to properly raise her. This talk will equip parents in the core functions of effective parenting. They will learn:

  • What kind of parental involvement your child needs;
  • How to enter into your child’s world;
  • How to invite your child into your world;
  • How to build up your child from inside out.

This talk can be done in tandem with Stages of Development.

Parenting in a Digital Age

“At what age should children be given a mobile device?” That is one of the most common question parents ask. But is that the right question? Digital technology is here to stay. It is literally everywhere in our homes – not only the devices in our pockets but the invisible electromagnetic waves that flood our homes. There is no known way for us to insulate ourselves from it, so we might as well accept it. The key to managing technology well is to know the place it has in our homes and how to keep it there. We do not want our children to be fearful of technology but rather we hope that they will be tech-wise.

Play: More than just fun

We often hear parents say that their children are too playful and are not serious about school work. This talk will inform parents about the benefits of play, the types if play, and the dangers of play deficiency.

Bridging Generations

There is a “father hunger” in all of us. We are not looking for a perfect father. We just want a father and want to be a father to our children. This talk is based on a true story about reconciliation and reconnection.

Raising a Stress-free child

Children nowadays are under tremendous pressure to perform in many areas of their lives. The home is a sanctuary, a safe haven for the child. But, is it? This talk will help parents know how to reduce stress in their children and teach chipping methods to their children.

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    45 minutes presentation with 15 minutes Q&A

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