Beginning Parenting Programme

Beginning Parenting is a 2-part parenting programme for first-time expecting fathers and mothers.

Part 1 – Happy Parents Happy Baby

You were a couple before you became parents. Becoming a parent will put additional stress to your marital relationship. Part 1 of this workshop will equip you with skills and handles to manage the stress and enable you to be effective and happy co-parents of the new born. In this session, you will learn to:

• Deepen your friendship by enhancing your Love Maps;
• Respond to one another’s bids by turning towards each other;
• Overcome contempt by sharing fondness and admiration;
• Resolve solvable conflicts.

Part 2 – Being The Parents You Want To Be

Your baby is arriving soon! Both of you will transit from man and wife to daddy and mummy. Build a foundation now by understanding your duties, roles and commitments. Fathers, you are a parent too, and shared parenting is essential to fully benefit the baby. Finally, learn to understand your newborn’s signals.

• Expectations of parenting roles
• Understanding the baby’s world
• Surviving the transition into parenthood
• Parenting commitment

NOTE: Sign ups are by couples (i.e. 2 parents) and tied to 2 fixed-date sessions per run.

“Real life situation sharing is really good! Applicable to daily life.” | “Programme was very good, Clement shared many stories about his experience being a father.” | “This is a MUST attend workshop for couples.”
~ Comments from Participants ~

  • Course Duration

    2 x 3 hours

  • Venue

    1 Woodlands Road #04-03 Junction 10

  • Group Size

    10 – 15 parent couples

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