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Inspiring Dads Video #12: A Father’s Role in Children Education

Parcsen Loke has three children and none of them had tuition. That’s because he was their tutor for every subject (except Chinese, of course). Having been there and done that, he wants to tell you – don’t do it. Your child does not need another teacher, she needs you to be her father. Find out […]

Inspiring Dads Video #7-11: Quality Time Series

Inspiring Dads Video #7: Creative Involvement For Busy Fathers Every father wants to be involved in their children’s lives and spend as much time with them as possible. But not every father is privileged to have a lot of time on their hands due to the demands of work. Busy fathers naturally would feel guilty […]

Inspiring Dads Video #5: Turning the Hearts of Children Towards their Fathers

This video is about how to turn the hearts of children back to their fathers. And the secret is for fathers to turn their own hearts back to their children. Parcsen shares two ways you can start to establish closeness with your child. This applies even if you have been alienated from your child and […]

Inspiring Dads Video #4: Your Child Needs This More Than Friends

.As children grow, their world enlarges and making friends becomes one of their most important missions. Friendships are good for a child’s self-esteem. A child with friends will definitely feel better about himself than one with no friends at all. It is normal for young children to have friends but there is something children need […]

Inspiring Dads Video #1 – 3: Have Better Conversations With Your Kids

Inspiring Dads Video #1: How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Kids? Do you enjoy having conversations with your child? Of course you do. Except for the difficult ones about hot button issues. Right? One or two generations ago, the most difficult conversation a father had with his children was about the birds and the […]