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CFF Media Coverage

Oct to Dec 2022 Media Coverage

OCTOBER Date Media Title / Synopsis 1 Oct CNA938 11am Norman Tan, Group Head of Volunteer Resource and Governance and Jessica Zhuo-Tan, MFL Volunteer discuss why family friendly polices are important for companies (EWYFD and GCFDA) 3 Oct HRM Asia All in a day’s work: How fathers can balance family and work 10 Oct […]

Jul to Sep 2022 Media Coverage

JULY Date Media Title / Synopsis 24 Jul Straits Times Parents get involved in school to have greater bonding with their children Mr Ganesan, who is also a volunteer with the Centre for Fathering, said when fathers are involved at school, it enriches the relationship with their children. “More often, mothers are involved in […]

January to March 2022 Media Coverage

JANUARY Date Media Title / Synopsis 1 Jan CNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan Ng Susan Ng speaks to Eruandee Prayitna on Bapa Sepanjang Hayat in the past 5 years and what’s in store from 2022. 1 Jan Lian He Zao Bao “爸爸送我上学去”活动 鼓励父亲陪伴孩子成长 “Back to School With Dad” campaign encourages fathers to accompany their […]

April to June 2021 Media Coverage

The Straits Times 29 Apr 2021 Employment and schooling key to helping vulnerable families build resilience: Panel   Families for Life May The fine art of juggling for dual career parents   Lianhe Zaobao 3 May 2021 Regretting her belated realisation that Motherhood was the best thing to have happened in her life, […]

January to March 2021 Media Coverage

Straits Times Life 17 January 2021 Hands-On Dad, Happy Kids The Straits Times 14 Feb 2021 Trailblazing women breaking barriers to empower a new generation CNA938 Weekend Life  28 Feb 2021, 12 pm Edwin Choy talks about CFF in the last 20 years and moving ahead. Our Better World 17 Feb 2021 Bringing […]

November to December 2020 Media Coverage

6 November 2020: Berita Harian Inmates celebrate Children’s Day via Zoom  “Therefore, we work with community partners to provide such relationships and at the same time provide support to these children,” said Dr Faishal. Yesterday, she participated in an online Children’s Day celebration organised by the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and the Centre for Fathering (CFF). During the celebration […]