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Anand Lal strives to make Singapore more inclusive for special needs son

Father to a fifteen year old son with intellectual disabilities, apraxia and dyspraxia. Anand Lal is a swim coach, adult training facilitator and gamification consultant who has overcome the challenges of bringing up a child with special needs to champion the cause of making Singapore a more inclusive society. Despite minor development delays in the […]

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah overcomes effects of lonely childhood to become loving father

Mohamed Jamaluddin Abdullah’s experience as a neglected foster child did not prepare him well for the challenges of fatherhood. In his growing up years, Jamal experienced a lonely childhood lacking in love and trust where his adoptive parents favoured their two biological children who were born after they adopted him. These experiences led him to […]

Bruce Mathieu mends his ways to give his daughter happiness

A repeat drug offender and gang member, Bruce Mathieu spent the prime of his life in and out of prison. And by his fifth prison sentence, Bruce had become a husband and father. The turning point came when Bruce’s daughter came by to celebrate her fourth birthday with him. Her birthday wish was simple – […]