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Glean from a treasure trove of fathering tips from Centre for Fathering’s expert community! These have been designed as simple reflective practices that will guide you to being a better dad, and increase the wellbeing of your children and family.

ENGROSSMENT: Nature’s Gift to the Nurturing Father

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre for Fathering I couldn’t help noticing the confident stride the young father walked into the train with his baby wrapped round his chest in a carrier. The mother followed alongside him with the stroller and all the usual peripherals in it. They sat down and enthusiastically chatted unconscious that they […]

Do These Words Sound Familiar?

By Danny Teo, Centre for Fathering “If you behave Daddy will buy you ice-cream later.” (Just to keep him/her quiet, hopefully they forget about it) “Don’t be naughty, otherwise the policeman will catch you.” “If you don’t finish your food, you are not clever. I only love clever boys/ girls.” Parents, you are your children’s […]

Three Fathering decisions to make today

Strong families are intentional.  They do not happen by chance. Now is a great time to make certain fathering decisions that will help you build healthy families. Decide today that your career is only as good as your family. Family is like a base camp for mountain climbers. If you want to climb mountains, you […]