Lost in Transition: Motherhood & Self-worth

Becoming a mother triggers a major decline in self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. Lost in Transition sets out to empower mums to redefine who they are beyond past experiences, cultural, social, and self-imposed expectations. It also gives mums an opportunity to broaden their understanding of matters that affect their sense of worth. We will identify some key influences and work on ways to renew our self-worth.

At Your Best Every Day: Setting Your Mind on Wellness

Won’t we all want to be At Our Best all the time? Our overall wellness can be intentionally developed as we take action to build and strengthen our Self Esteem. For ourselves, for our family, and the community.

Positive Attitudes Every Day: Building Self-Esteem through Interactions

What would parents give to enable their children to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives? The answer can be as simple as positive attitudes. The next question is: How? Find the answer in Positive Attitudes Every Day.

Mind-field: Navigating our Mental Maze

Women overthink more than men do – a study has confirmed. Mind-field aims to help mums better navigate their thoughts which has an impact on their overall well-being and relationships. We will learn to recognize the common ways we fall into mind traps and equip ourselves with strategies to tackle these distortions.

Emotional Resilience: Regaining Control

Mothers are able to influence the emotional climate at home. How we tend to deal with our feelings affects how we react to our children’s emotions. Through the T.E.A. process, we can learn how to be positive role models to our children by regaining better control over our emotional experiences.

Exploring the ART of Personal Leadership: Being the Best Unique You

Discover how you can develop your personal leadership capability to achieve your full potential and realise your goals. When you make the choice and commitment to design your personal leadership plan to improve your personal, family and professional life, you can become a role-model for your loved ones and your community.

Creating a Personal Leadership Strategy: A Vision for the Future

Turn dreams into reality with a clear personal leadership strategy to create defined self-direction and partnership in a family compass. Your journey of discovery into what’s important to you and your kin will guide your decisions in life, family and career.

Raising Courageous Children

It is natural for parents to be protective of their children. As mothers, this natural instinct kicks in even before the birth of our children. We have good reasons to want them to be safe. But how well are we preparing our children to live courageously in a tough reality? Find out how you can help grow their resilience to bravely face the challenges in life.

Keep Calm; it’s just the Exams

Are children and parents both feeling stressed just at the mention of exams? Exam stress is normal and should not overwhelm us into incapacity. Instead, the appropriate amount of stress can be positive in helping us to stay focused and motivated. Parents can guide your children to understand the purpose of examinations and work with their unique learning processes. Preparing for exams can also be an opportunity to apply parenting principles to build your child’s confidence and engage coaching techniques to enable your child to manage stress.


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