Living and Loving in the Digital Age

Be a tech-enabled family rather than a tech-enslaved one. Explore ways to navigate marriage and parenting in this digitally connected world by identifying potential pitfalls, setting boundaries as a family, and discovering opportunities to better manage our lives – online and offline.

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Apart from our workshops, we are also able to conduct talks. They are 1 hour in duration and are suitable for events or lunchtime talks.

Calm Over Chaos Series

The Calm over Chaos Series touches on the emotional aspect of motherhood in particular the area of mum guilt and stress. While we may not always be able to control our circumstances or even what we feel, we can learn how to better cope with them. By understanding and managing our emotions first, we can then model healthy ways to ride the emotional waves from day to day and guide our families through theirs.

Learn and grow with other mums in the interactive workshops within the series.

Personal Leadership

Through the Personal Leadership workshop, you will gain an understanding of how to take better charge of your personal life to guide your professional and family direction.

Heart of a Mother Experience (H.O.M.E.)

Heart of a Mother Experience (HOME) aims to build safe spaces for mothers to come together and share their joys and struggles, so they can seek wholeness and fulfilment. This is a journey to speak to the hearts of mothers and bring out the best in them and their families. Under HOME, mums will affirm and empower mums through the W.I.S.D.O.M Approach.

Redefined Series

The Redefined Series sets out to empower mums to redefine who they are beyond past experiences, social and self-imposed expectations. Through the sessions, mums have an opportunity to broaden their understanding of matters that affect their sense of worth, self-care, and mental resilience.

Learn and grow with other mums in the interactive workshops within the series.