Heart of a Mother Experience (H.O.M.E.)

Heart of a Mother Experience (HOME) aims to build safe spaces for mothers to come together and share their joys and struggles, so they can seek wholeness and fulfilment. This is a journey to speak to the hearts of mothers and bring out the best in them and their families. Under HOME, mums will affirm and empower mums through the W.I.S.D.O.M Approach.


The Redefined Series sets out to empower mums to redefine who they are beyond past experiences, cultural, social and self-imposed expectations. It also gives mums an opportunity to broaden their understanding of matters that affect their sense of worth, self-care, and mental resilience. Over the 2-part series, Lost in Transition and Mind-field, we hope that mums will get to pause for a moment, maybe reset or recharge, and get back on the right track internally so they can better manage or cope with the external challenges.