ICAN Fathering Workshop

A 5-hour workshop for fathers in all life stages. Learn how important fathers are to their child, how to make every engagement with your child Quality Time, how to be an Authoritative Parent and how to build your child’s emotional intelligence.

Emotion Coaching (Parenting Workshop)

Based on the book by Dr. John Gottman “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child” the workshop aims to help parents connect with their kids/teens and resolve conflicts without escalating their own emotions. Parents will learn skills to respond to child’s negative emotions (i.e. scared, sad, angry), use emotions for bonding and teachable moments, regulate emotions and set clear, consistent limits in problem-solving.

Coaching for Fathers

Our Coaches

Coaching for Fathers is a service that empowers fathers to engage fully, effectively, and responsibly in their children’s lives. We will work on your building relationships with your children that are healthy, nurturing and ongoing. Ultimately, we hope to help dads acquire the skills necessary to move from mediocrity to extraordinary in their role as fathers.

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

This workshop is for couples who seek to deepen their relationship with their spouses. Whether you have a stable or distressed relationship, this workshop can help you better understand your relationship and teach you ways to foster friendship, trust and intimacy with your partner. It will also teach you ways to navigate or prevent relational conflicts.

Beginning Parenting Programme

The arrival of your child can be accompanied by a myriad of emotions. You may feel joy, wonder, happiness, overwhelmed, worried, or tired at different times. This transition into parenthood will mean many changes for you. This workshop aims to help you be more prepared for it all.