October to December 2019 Media Coverage

Oct 12, 2019
CNA938 Our Town, 12pm
Centre for Fathering and DADs for Life Chairman, Richard Hoon, shares his thoughts on Volunteerism in Singapore with CNA938. Are people more willing to step forward now? Are charity boards seeing enough people wanting to volunteer with them? What can be done to attract more young people to volunteer?

Oct 6, 2019
CNA938 Our Town, 12pm
Running Dads Bryan Tan from DADs for Life and Chong Ee Jay from Focus on the Family Singapore discusses their participation in Relay Majulah.

December 22, 2019
Lian He Wan Bao
妻带女儿探监提离婚 男囚犯用10分钟放下身段挽回婚姻

Title: Wife brought daughter to visit inmate with the intention of seeking a divorce. Inmate asked for an extension of visit by another 10mins and managed to convince wife to keep the marriage.

ICAN Fathering programme was mentioned: A spokesman for the prison department said that the authorities are launching the ICAN programme as they realise that the support of family members was very important to the reformation of prisoners. The authorities are therefore working with many partners to connect prisoners to their families. For example, the authorities have been working with non-profit organisations such as Centre for Fathering since 2016. The reporter attended a family bonding session where 10 inmates and 28 family members enjoyed the four-hour activity through simple games.

Bryan Tan, chief executive of Centre for Fathering, said that such activities allow offenders to learn how to communicate with their children. “The important thing is they allow both parties to learn to trust each other and develop memories which both father and children can cherish.”

Dec 27, 2019
Lian He Zao Bao
监狱署开展数码化计划 囚犯亲属互通电子信件月均5.7万封
Title: The average number of e-letters exchanged by inmates and their families is about 57k.

This article touches on how e-letters and direct tablets are platforms that boost communication between inmates and families. It also touches on how Singapore Prisons Service is working with community partners such as CFF to boost family support for inmates.

CFF’s Executive Director Bryan Tan says, “All it takes is some simple activities to help the inmates know their identities, and learn how to interact with their children. The important thing is the mutual understanding and shared memories.”

Dec 29, 2019
CNA938 Family Ties, 11am
Shawn Quek, Centre for Fathering school outreach manager and Azman Ibrahim, father volunteer at Lianhua Primary and Yuan Ching Secondary School discussed the DADs for Life Back to School with Dad initiative and their personal fathering journeys on CNA938’s Family Ties with Susan Ng.