Oct to Dec 2022 Media Coverage


Date Media Title / Synopsis
1 Oct CNA938


Norman Tan, Group Head of Volunteer Resource and Governance and Jessica Zhuo-Tan, MFL Volunteer discuss why family friendly polices are important for companies (EWYFD and GCFDA)
3 Oct HRM Asia All in a day’s work: How fathers can balance family and work
10 Oct CNA938 11am Marriage and Parenthood Survey announcement: CFF mentioned in relation to family friendly policies for fathers and Norman Tan interviewed.
10 Oct Power 98 Marriage and Parenthood Survey announcement: CFF mentioned in relation to family friendly policies for fathers and Norman Tan interviewed.
11 Oct Lian He Zao Bao Bryan Tan interviewed on his views on the Marriage and Parenthood survey
19 Oct HRM Asia Singapore business leaders need to encourage use of family-friendly policies


Date Media Title / Synopsis
Nov Singapore is Made for Families Magazine Ganesan interviewed as a DFL volunteer on his fatherhood journey and how he was equipped through CFF programmes
12 Nov CNA 938 Family Ties 11.10am Two fathers, DFL volunteer Bruce Mathieu and CFF co-founder Raymond Koh, get in conversation with Susan about their journey through fatherhood and how they continue to build and strengthen their relationships with their children. In support of DFL Conference 2022.
15 Nov Thirst Eat With Your Family Day: Conversation starters and ideas to connect with one another



Date Media Title / Synopsis
5 Dec Women’s Weekly Lily Kew, one of the founding members of MUMs for Life, shares her marriage and motherhood journey.


10 Dec Berita Harian CFF Schools Engagement Managers Jaslyn and Alsen speak to Susan Ng about how they prepare their children for the new school year and Back to School with Dad.
13 Dec Straits Times Donate via vending machines to help raise $100,000 to benefit 23 charities
29 Dec LHZB 写祝卡加油打气 好爸爸陪孩子开学明年200学校参与

Good fathers accompany children to school; 200 schools taking part

29 Dec Berita Harian Bapa di penjara tulis kata perangsang buat anak jelang buka sekolah

Incarcerated father writes encouraging words for his children before school opens

FOR the first time, more than 200 fathers who are in prison will take part in an effort to write cards to give words of encouragement to their children who are about to start the new school year.