Jul to Sep 2022 Media Coverage


Date Media Title / Synopsis
24 Jul Straits Times Parents get involved in school to have greater bonding with their children


Mr Ganesan, who is also a volunteer with the Centre for Fathering, said when fathers are involved at school, it enriches the relationship with their children.

“More often, mothers are involved in school activities, but when children see their fathers getting involved, they are happy and excited. At the end of the day, seeing the joy on our children’s faces is what drives us to continue serving in our children’s schools,” he said.

25 July Today Woman Up: Manning up to the problems of toxic masculinity in Singapore’s society



Date Media Title / Synopsis
6 Aug CNA938 11.10am Bryan Tan, Philip Tan, Yusnizan Md Taib (ISH rep), and Subramaniyan Kalyankumar (AVU rep). to discuss building strong families in celebration of National Day and Celebrating SG Families.
10 Aug CNA939 SG Stories – S1E6: Bramsha Osman, Centre for Fathering volunteer

He’s an award-winning public servant and father of five who makes time to volunteer at the Centre for Fathering, under the movement Bapa Sepanjang Hayat (or “Dads For Life” in Malay). Bramsha Osman explains why he feels it is important to reach out to fathers in prison, and outlines his plans to hone his counselling skills.


14 Aug Berita Harian Rahayu, co-founder of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat shared the importance of ‘me-time’ (or ‘MUMs for Life’ in Malay) and how Redefined workshop series can help mums rediscover themselves despite the roles they have to play after marriage and being a mother.



Date Media Title / Synopsis
4 Sep Berita Harian Bulan Kebapaan galak kaum bapa aktif dalam aktiviti fizikal, maya


12 Sep Berita Harian Bulan Kebapaan bantu bekas banduan pererat hubungan keluarga


14 Sep Money FM893 10.05am Bryan Tan interviewed on Family Finances 101 – Money advice for those starting and who want to grow their family wealth
18 Sep Berita Mediacorp Golongan bapa pelajari cara untuk main peranan lebih aktif dalam pendidikan anak

BSH Dad’s Forum on Education: Fathers learn how to play a more active role in their children’s education


18 Sep Berita Harian Takrif kejayaan anak perlu direnung semula: Maliki

BSH Dad’s Forum on Education: The definition of child success needs to be rethought: Maliki


18 Sep Berita Harian Terlanjur hantar anak belajar silat, ‘bapa aktif’ ikut berlatih juga

BSH Dad’s Forum on Education: He already sent his son to learn martial arts, the ‘active father’ came to train as well