January to March 2022 Media Coverage


Date Media Title / Synopsis
1 Jan CNA938Live – Family Ties with Susan Ng Susan Ng speaks to Eruandee Prayitna on Bapa Sepanjang Hayat in the past 5 years and what’s in store from 2022.
1 Jan Lian He Zao Bao “爸爸送我上学去”活动 鼓励父亲陪伴孩子成长
“Back to School With Dad” campaign encourages fathers to accompany their children to grow up
3 Jan Straits Times Singapore children get ready for a third year of school amid Covid-19




11 Jan Berita Harian Program galakkan bapa main peranan lebih aktif dalam pembangunan anak

Programs encourage fathers to play a more active role in child development

Bapa kongsi prinsip bina kenangan manis bersama anak

Fathers share the principle of building sweet memories with children



15 Jan Channel NewsAsia Child’s play? Why many fathers don’t take paternity leave and why experts say they should


Paternity leave is a time for husbands to support their wives during a time of transition in the family as well as start building a bond with their babies from birth, said Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive of non-profit organisation Centre For Fathering which promotes active and involved fathering.

Fathers who support their wives and are involved in their babies’ lives tend to experience greater satisfaction in their fathering journey, as well as less conflict with their wives, he added.

“This not only benefits children, it strengthens the marital relationship, and (that) also has long-term benefits for children,” he said.

He said that fathers who care for, nurture and play with their babies also raise children with better language and cognitive skills.

On the work front, a company can reallocate its resources when a member of the team goes on paternity leave, Mr Tan said.

“We know from experience that many things would crop up at home in the first four weeks of a baby’s arrival that would require the dad to be away from work at short or late notice. Planning for paternity leave would help to mitigate the disruptions at work,” he said.

8 ways to be a better father to your teenagers


29 Jan CNA938 – 11.10am Adrian Lim, founding member of Special Dads for Life, shared that aside from having a strong spousal and community support system, a positive mindset is important. Children with special needs are equally precious gifts to treasure and imbuing himself with that mindset has helped him become a better man and father.


Date Media Title / Synopsis
13 Feb CNA938 – 11.10am Kevin Goh and Fannie Lim share with Susan Ng the secrets to a lasting marriage in this Valentine’s Day special.
22 Feb Berita Mediacorp Pasukan Bertindak Nakhoda dibentuk, galak bapa main peranan lebih aktif dalam pembangunan anak

The Captain Action Team was formed, encouraging fathers to play a more active role in child development


22 Feb Berita Harian M³: Profesional, pakar akan dilibatkan dalam panel kecil, bentuk langkah intervensi

M³: Professionals, experts will be involved in small panels, a form of intervention measures


25 Feb Berita Harian News coverage on Malay Muslim study and task force formation.


Date Media Title / Synopsis
11 Mar CNA Digital Commentary: Why ‘Eat With Your Family Day’ should be every day
12 Mar The Straits Times New initiative provides parents a chance to plant a tree to celebrate child’s birth.


FamilyTrees was launched to kick-start the Year of Celebrating Singapore Families, as 2022 has been designated by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

Mr Bryan Tan, chief executive of the Centre for Fathering and Dads for Life, also planted a tree with his wife and four children aged between one and 12 on Saturday.

The 46-year-old said he will encourage fathers in his network to sign up for the FamilyTrees programme.

21 Mar Berita Harian Panel kecil kebapaan dibentuk galak kaum bapa lebih aktif

Panel formed to encourage active fathering

22 Mar The Peak Why Albert Lim champions the family
26 Mar CNA 938 11.10am Bryan Tan speaks to Susan Ng to discuss the multiple roles fathers play during the COVID season, working from home and during in camp training.