I help exhausted parents learn the ways to communicate with their kids lovingly without shouting and still hold firm boundaries. These are all fun loving ways, set in the modern world, so no more uncertainties in the parenting methods passed down by our ancestors!

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$55 off courses (Courses start in October)
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The promo code is: EWYFDSG55
The promo code will end on 30/09/2020 11.45 pm

Parents will learn :

  1. Why are tantrums healthy for kids, and what are some detrimental mistakes are bad?
  2. How do we connect with our kids, so that they feel seen, heard and understood?
  3. How to handle their big emotions so they can calm down and listen to us
  4. How to teach kids to self regulate their emotions and verbalise their needs.

Validity Period : Until end September 2020, courses will be $55 off.

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