Centre for Fathering (CFF) was founded on the belief that an active and involved father is essential for a child’s successful development.

For more than twenty years, CFF has helped countless families – and fathers in particular – through our father-child experiential programmes and fathering workshops conducted in schools, prisons, religious organisations and companies.

We organise nation-wide events such as Eat With Your Family Day, Back To School With Dad and Celebrating Fathers – to remind and encourage fathers to set aside time to be with their families and to help create a culture that promotes involved fathering.

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CFF is a non-profit organisation registered in Singapore (Registration No: 200101825N; IPC No: IPC000149). We are not a funded organisation and we rely on donations to continue our efforts to Enable, Equip and Empower men in their role as fathers. If you wish to support our cause, please consider contributing to our work.

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