April to June 2022 Media Coverage


Date Media Title / Synopsis
1 Apr CNA 938 The Full Story 7.10pm Commentary on Women’s Development

Bryan Tan speaks to CNA938 about the White Paper on Women’s Development.

5 Apr CNA White Paper Discussion on Women’s Development

@7.11 – Minister Masagos quoted Bryan Tan in his recent commentary, “Fathers are not substitute mothers and that marriage is an equal partnership.”



Date Media Title / Synopsis
8 May CNA 938 Live – Family Ties with Susan Ng @11.10am Cheryl Ng, Head of Engagement and Outreach speaks to Susan about MfL past efforts to strengthen families in partnership with Dads and what’s in store for 2022.
8 May Berita Mediacorp – 8.30pm A new initiative, Ibu Sepanjang Hayat (ISH) was launched on the 8th of May specifically for Malay Muslim mothers. It is to be a platform for these mothers to share their experiences in empowering their families. It was founded by a group of Malay Muslim mothers. One of the co founders, Madam Rahayu Ahmad Asi mentioned that they realise the challenges that mothers face and felt that as Malay/Muslim mothers, they are more sensitive of the needs of their community and because of that they thought that who better than themselves to manage their community’s needs. 
ISH will work alongside BSH to form a collaborative community. Both hopes to offer a new perspective on how Malay Muslim parents can be better supported.
9 May Straits Times MUMs for Life sets up Ibu Sepanjang Hayat (ISH) to facilitate better support and collaboration for the Malay Muslim community.
9 May Lianhe Zaobao News coverage on Malay Muslim study and task force formation.
16 May 10pm Channel News Asia Kevin Goh talks about how single fathers can be involved fathers in this CNA news feature
18 May 8.20am FM95.8 DFL Volunteer Steven Sng talks to FM95.8 about Single Fathers
28 May CNA 938 8.10am Dad’s Day Out Challenge @ Sentosa
Susan Ng talks to Yuen Chee Onn about Celebrating Fathers and Dad’s Day Out Challenge @ Sentosa


Date Media Title / Synopsis
June Weekly Sparks Fathers Matter
5 Jun Straits Times She works, he doesn’t: More men in Singapore staying home to look after their families


Centre for Fathering chief executive Bryan Tan said it is seeing more men choosing to be stay-at-home fathers. Some do so as their wives have the job that comes with better benefits or they are needed at home to look after an older child with disabilities.

Mr Tan said: “As society pushes for greater gender equality and focuses on women’s development, men are becoming more comfortable with the prospect of giving up their work to focus on the home front, especially if their spouses are able to bring in the income required for the family.”

But those interviewed say the stigma against unemployed men, even those who provide care for their families, still holds strong.

Mr Tan said: “As men, work makes up such a big part of who we are, such that when we are no longer pursuing a career, we may feel a loss of identity. We may face the fear of losing respect from our peers, and even our children, if we are not the primary provider for our family.

“Stay-at-home dads are sometimes wrongly portrayed as lacking masculinity. These harmful stereotypes can affect the stay-at-home dad’s feelings about his family, leading to shame and anxiety.”

13 June Shin Min To become closer to your children (Father’s Day Special)
Bryan Tan and Celebrating Fathers featured
15 June Ethiroli
(Mediacorp Tamil)
CFF, DFL and AVU volunteer Jamal interviewed for Father’s Day special.
16 June Berita Mediacorp Interview on ICAN Fathering Programme
16 June Channel 8 Celebrating Fathers is back and will be held at Sentosa.
16 June 8 World 父亲节嘉年华本周末再次在圣淘沙举行
Father’s Day Carnival in Sentosa again this weekend
17 June My Careers Future Career Switch for the Family: Why This Singaporean Dad Made a Leap
18 June CNA938 11.10am Father’s Day Feature
Three fathers (one new dad, one single dad and one Malay Muslim dad) speak to Susan Ng on their fathering journey.
19 June Berita Harian DADs for Life and Madrasah organise a Father’s Day card writing event
19 June CNA938 11.10am Dad’s Day Out Challenge @ Sentosa
Kevin Goh and Bryan Tan gives Susan Ng an update on Celebrating Fathers and Dad’s Day Out Challenge@Sentosa.
19 June Channel 5
Dad’s Day Out Challenge @ Sentosa
Event summary – Bryan Tan shared that in the last two years have been challenging for dads as they have to integrate their lives from the workplace, to the community and into the home and was made to get used to being vulnerable in front of their children by sharing their emotions and challenges.
19 June CNA
Dad’s Day Out Challenge @ Sentosa
Event summary – Bryan Tan shared that in the last two years have been challenging for dads as they have to integrate their lives from the workplace, to the community and into the home and was made to get used to being vulnerable in front of their children by sharing their emotions and challenges.
19 June Tamil Sethi Mediacrop குடும்பங்களுக்குப் பக்கபலமாய் நிற்கும் தந்தையரைக் கொண்டாடிய Dad’s Day Out நிகழ்ச்சி
Dad’s Day Out celebrated fathers who stand by families|
19 June Berita Mediacorp Lebih 3,000 orang sertai acara Dad’s Day Out selepas 2 tahun ditiadakan dek COVID-19
More than 3,000 people joined the Dad’s Day Out event after 2 years of being eliminated from the COVID-19 deck
19 June Tamil Sethi Mediacorp Coverage on Dad’s Day Out
20 June Straits Times Lessons on being a good Dad
20 June Lianhe Zaobao DAD’s Day Out @ Sentosa saw 30, 000 people celebrating Father’s Day.