A Gift Of Affection

When was the last time you held your wife’s hand?  When was the last time you whispered words of affection to her?  Do you still buy her flowers or gifts just to delight her  (not just on birthdays and Christmas)?  If you do, I commend you on your efforts!  I am sure you are experiencing a wonderful marriage.

Marriage does not mean the end of courtship.  If it is, haven’t you just “cheated” your wife into marrying you?  As her boyfriend you showed affection, love and shower her with gifts.  You made her feel special and she had the impression that it will stay the same after marrying you.  Fathers, continue to court you wife.  Your marriage should not be a signed contract to stay with one another, but a choice to be bonded by love.

With a constant show of affection to your wife, your children will grow up to be more affectionate too.  They will be more ready to express their love for you and have a healthy reference on what they want their marriage to be.  When daddy and mummy are happily in love, children will instinctively find joy in knowing that.

The best gift you can give your child is to love their mother.

By Danny Teo, Centre for Fathering

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