Connecting through Reframing

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre For Fathering In psychological terms, to “reframe” something is to look at it from a different perspective. Reframing is a way to turn what might be viewed as a negative scenario into a positive one. A very good example is the half-filled glass analogy. You can look at the glass and say “it is half-empty” … Read More

Working Together

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre For Fathering Volunteering is a great way to teach your child about giving back to the community. Looking at the less fortunate people and your guidance of explaining to them why they need help will evoke a certain emotion and build a compassionate heart. It will also make your child more appreciative of what they … Read More

Connecting through Positive Presupposition

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre for Fathering One of the best ways to connect with another person is by injecting a positive presupposition into a question or suggestion. This communication tool makes a conversation much more likely for your child to respond in a way that opens the way into understanding how your child thinks. To have a positive presupposition … Read More

Styles for Learning and Connecting

By Philip Chang, Centre For Fathering Child psychologists since Jean Piaget had demonstrated that babies as young as six-week old have the capability of deferred imitation – the mental capacity to store, remember actions or objects, and later, just simply by thinking, are able imitate or act on this knowledge. By the age of 14 months, the length of time … Read More

Like Father, like child

By Philip Chang, Centre for Fathering The terrible twos, the defiant preteen, the rebellious teen etc… Fathering is a journey of ever changing problems. Each one seems to be greater than the next. It seems like it never ends; but that is what it is. Fathering is a lifelong process; even an adult child will come to you for advice … Read More

ENGROSSMENT: Nature’s Gift to the Nurturing Father

By Wong Suen Kwong, Centre for Fathering I couldn’t help noticing the confident stride the young father walked into the train with his baby wrapped round his chest in a carrier. The mother followed alongside him with the stroller and all the usual peripherals in it. They sat down and enthusiastically chatted unconscious that they were actually poised in a … Read More

Fathering Emotionally

By Philip Chang, Centre for Fathering Father: “All I ever want is for my teen to be happy. Why is it so difficult?”  Teen: “I want to quit school coz I am not interested in it?” Father:  “No. You must go to school coz you will then get good grades and have a good job and be happy.” Teen: “No I … Read More

A Gift Of Affection

By Danny Teo, Centre for Fathering When was the last time you held your wife’s hand?  When was the last time you whispered words of affection to her?  Do you still buy her flowers or gifts just to delight her  (not just on birthdays and Christmas)?  If you do, I commend you on your efforts!  I am sure you are … Read More

Do These Words Sound Familiar?

By Danny Teo, Centre for Fathering “If you behave Daddy will buy you ice-cream later.” (Just to keep him/her quiet, hopefully they forget about it) “Don’t be naughty, otherwise the policeman will catch you.” “If you don’t finish your food, you are not clever. I only love clever boys/ girls.” Parents, you are your children’s guide, mentor and number one … Read More

Three Fathering decisions to make today

Strong families are intentional.  They do not happen by chance. Now is a great time to make certain fathering decisions that will help you build healthy families. Decide today that your career is only as good as your family. Family is like a base camp for mountain climbers. If you want to climb mountains, you must have a good base … Read More