Through this workshop we hope to share our vast experience and knowledge of the sentiments, mindsets, and aspirations of fathers with those who are engaged with families. We also want to equip you with the understanding of the core functions of an Effective Father so that you will be able to share them in your engagements with fathers.

Duration: 6 hours


  • How empowered fathers benefit the family, economy, community, and future generations;How fathering is good for fathers;
  • How the father’s identity affects his involvement;
  • How a father’s relationship with his father affects his fathering;
  • The key role fathers (and parents) play at each stage of the child’s development (based on Erik Erikson’s theory);
  • How fathers can be involved in their children’s lives;
  • How fathers can overcome the barriers to involvement;
  • What is Quality Time;
  • How to be consistent in parenting;
  • How parents’ temperament affects parent-child relationship;
  • How to be an authoritative parent;
  • How to fathers can know their child;
  • How father can be overcome their Childhood Emotional Neglect and begin to be nurturing to their child;
  • How to talk with your child;
  • How to connect with your child.

Who Should Attend?

Social workers
Medical social workers
School Counsellors
Family Life Educators
Human Resource practitioners

Past Participants

We recently conducted this workshop for the members of PAVEs Child Protection and Family Violence teams.


$1,200 lump sum for up to 20 pax


Contact us to book a run of this workshop for your team.