ICAN: Involvement – Consistency – Awareness – Nurturance

This is an interactive workshop that appeals to different adult learning styles. Participants (fathers only) can expect to appreciate the importance of fathering involvement, and to explore vital skills for building lasting relationships with their children.

Sessions feature short video clips and relevant exercises that will lead you to deepen your fatherhood journey and equip you with actionable tips to build strong bonds with your children.

ICAN 2018 Calendar

Q1: 27-JAN | 24-FEB | 24-MAR
Q2: 21-APR | 26-MAY | 30-JUN
Q3: 28-JUL | 18-AUG | 22-SEP
Q4: 20-OCT | 24-NOV | 15-DEC

“We have dedicated the vast resources of our education system to prepare us for the tasks we will face later in life, but not only do we not teach our sons the skills they will need to be good fathers, we act as though fathering skills are instinctive or biological, and will simply emerge automatically, like a new mother’s milk.” — Will Glennon

This is a research-based seminar designed by the National Centre for Fathering (USA). Dr Ken Canfield, a leading researcher on fathering, surveyed thousands of journals and literature on parenting, to identify the key qualities of good parenting as it applies specifically to fathering.

Workshop Highlights
  • A “discovering your fathering pattern” instrument – to help you map your “fathering profile”
  • Seminar notes
  • Small group – to process material facilitated by trainers
  • A copy of “The Heart of a Father” by Dr Ken Canfield
Fathering Profile

This unique and highly validated assessment inventory helps a man identify his fathering style, strengths and weaknesses. The results guide a father to key perceptions and activities best linked to his fathering success and satisfaction.


Fathers will get to know one another better through this workshop, facilitating an environment where men can come together to help and support one another in their fathering role.

This is an excellent way to motivate fathers to join a parents’ support group or to start one within a school or community.

“Thanks for making me a better father!” | “An eye-opening and important workshop.” | “Practical & excellent workshop for fathers.” | “A worthwhile workshop for fathers to attend, listening to dos and don’ts, experiences of trainers and other fathers.”
~ Comments from Participants ~

  • Time

    1 – 6pm (5 hours)

  • Venue

    1 Woodlands Rd #04-03, The Tennery, S677899 (top of Junction 10 mall)

  • Group Size

    10 – 20 fathers

For more information
Call 67691238 or email cff@fathers.com.sg
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