Father-Child Experiential Workshop

The father-child relationship is a significant factor in a child’s emotional and cognitive development.

This workshop utilizes experiential learning methods to coach fathers to relate with their children. We do this in a way that appeals to their nature of being fun and active partners in parenting. We create an experience that is fun and impactful for both father and child.

Workshop Details:

Each workshop: 12 father-and-child pairs (minimum) to 16 pairs (maximum)

Each pair: 1 father, and 1 child (9 to 13 years old)

This will be a 4-hour experiential workshop.

The organization or school who wish to organise this event, has to undertake the following:

For tea break: refreshments

For venue: A sheltered open space at least the size of a basketball court

For writing: A portable standing flipchart

For cleaning: Staff to clear up after program

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Group Size

    12 to 16 pairs

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Call 67691238 or email programmes@fathers.com.sg
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